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    RCA splitting: Why is it able to send full output to 2 devices?

    So this is a basic and very dumb question, but I am currently splitting my DAC line out RCA to a set of 2.1 speakers (Corsair SP2500, old and poor quality I know) and my headphone amp. It is my thinking that, should either the speakers or the amp be the only device on, the full output of the...
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    Some questions about EQ and impulse response with foobar2000 foo_convolve and Equalizer APO

    So I've been messing about with equalizer APO and foobar2000. I am using a Schiit Modi 3+ DAC and a JDS Labs Atom amp, and I have a dt990 pro 250ohm, a dt990 special edition 600ohm (basically a dt990 premium 600 ohm), and a Senn HD600. I had some questions about how all the processing works: 1...
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    Relay stepped attenuators vs pots, volume control, and measurements

    So the other day I was reading the MassDrop THX AAA 789 amp page and one of the engineers at THX was explaining that the pot on the 789 only has -85 dbfs of attenuation, and so you can still hear the music with really sensitive IEMs with the volume pot turned all the way down - described as "pot...
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    Single-ended DAC to balanced amp to balanced/unbalanced headphone - still benefit?

    Hey all, Amir has previously stated that balanced outputs block ground loops and such, is it possible to still get the benefits of balanced outs with a single ended output from a DAC? Does my headphone cable have to be balanced also to get the benefits, or is it enough that I am plugging it into...
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    Accidentally connected 3.5mm line out to RCA preamp out - could this have affected my gear?

    Hey all, very basic question incoming. So I was stupid: When attempting to connect my Topping NX4 dsd DAC's 3.5mm line out to my Magni 3's RCA line in using a 3.5mm to RCA cable, I accidentally connected the other end to the preamp RCA outs instead. (So basically, a 3.5mm line out on the Topping...
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