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  1. typericey

    JBL Tour One

    Someone please get the over ear one and send to @amirm for review
  2. typericey

    Sheffield Lab Albums - yay or nay?

    I grew up with these. My dad tried collecting the entire catalog, be it on CD or vinyl and I was the direct beneficiary. To this day, they are my favorite old school "audiophile" record label (vs. Reference Recordings, Telarc, Chesky, etc.). I just love the sound of their recordings in general...
  3. typericey

    JBL SA750 Integrated Amplifier Needs to be measured as soon as available. :cool:
  4. typericey

    Buying a NOS (new old stock) speaker, anything to look out for?

    Is buying passive speakers that's been sitting in a warehouse for 4-5 years a bad idea? Let's assume said speaker has aluminum cone drivers with rubber surrounds and aluminum tweeters. Do crossovers (i.e. electrolytics) go bad? Or is it essentially a non-issue? Asking for a friend. ;) Note...
  5. typericey

    Yet another Revel F206 thread

    TL;DR - I created this thread with the hope of compiling thoughts, opinions, experiences, resources, etc. about the F208's smaller sibling. Long version: I was finally able to sell my B&W 705S2, the last relic of my personal dark ages, before I was enlightened by ASR. With funds from the sale I...
  6. typericey

    Topping preamp

    This is my wish, with the measurements of the A90 but with multiple inputs, both RCA and balanced. Something similar to the Schiit Freya S in terms of functionality and price, but with out of this world measurements that is worthy to be connected to the D90 and other well measuring electronics...
  7. typericey

    Going to Taipei soon, any recommended stores/places for ASR nerds?

    - a trustworthy brick and mortar to buy a Topping D90 or any hi-fi/chi-fi gear?
  8. typericey

    Let's talk CD Players!

    Did a title search here and did not find much discussion. - Do you still own a dedicated* CD Player (or players)? *plays CDs only Why or why not? - If yes, what model(s)? Pics would be nice. - anecdotes about CD playback most welcome - links to measurements of CD players also welcome
  9. typericey

    Poll: Do you use a subwoofer? (Explain why/why not)

    Just wanted to pick the brains of the ASR crowd on the subject matter.
  10. typericey

    Objectivist friendly and wallet friendly IEM?

    TL'DR: Don't know anything about IEMs. Please suggest a neutral/accurate one that's around US$150-200. Long version: I'm looking for an "everyday carry" IEM for when I'm traveling, commuting, etc. Not familiar with the IEM realm but I do know that headphones in general should not measure flat...
  11. typericey

    No love for IcePower?

    Did a search (titles only) and nothing came up. Yeah IcePower likely wont measure as good as NCores but it’s also at a lower price point. Emotiva has IcePower monoblocks that’s basically a module in a box. Peachtree Novas, SMSL A6 and A8, etc. all without reviews here. Not Amir’s fault, I...
  12. typericey

    JBL 4312SE 70th Anniversary Control Monitors - Initial Impressions

    My nostalgic 42 year old self had been drooling on the L100 Classic, but didn't want to own them coz the price is ridiculous and out of reach. Then I discovered the 4312SE which is ~$1000 less. I robbed my daughter's education funds and took a pair home. Less than a week with these babies and...
  13. typericey

    Channel Separation?

    How important is this spec? Is it necessary to add channel separation measurements in @amirm's DAC and amp reviews? What would be the ideal channel separation figure (dB) for a DAC or amp to be considered high fidelity? In terms of amplifiers, does having a monoblock setup (i.e. using 1 mono...
  14. typericey

    Your thoughts on the Rogue Audio Sphinx V2?

    Soliciting opinions on this integrated that I am considering to replace my Rega Elex-R. The Sphinx V2 got into my shortlist because of the rave reviews and that it fits my budget. Why am I upgrading? Well, I'm looking for a bit more power and at the same time something different (from class AB...
  15. typericey

    Chinese JL Hood 1969 Class A amplifier off Aliexpress

    So my first attempt at buying from Aliexpress was a success and I received a well packaged, assembled DIY amp derived from the JLH 1969 design, in no less than gaudy gold color! Hooked it up to a Chromecast Audio and Elac B5's and played Spotify for a couple of hours and it worked fine. I...
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