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    then it has arrived analog device adum 4165/4166

    then it has arrived analog device adum 4165/4166 analog device adum was before of low usbspeed 12mb only play at 96khz analog device adum 4165/4166 is now upgraded to high speed 480mb on usb 2 this little ic can take out all galvanic isolators as it is based on optocouplers light so free all...
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    usbcabel Does it Make an Audible Difference

    who have a lot about usbcabel and how expensive they are nordost valhalla2 usb2.0 which costs 4700 dollars for 2 meters tag supra cable 2 meters costs 80 dollars the short of the long 90ohm - + 10% tolerance the requirement meets most usbcables but there one thing that determines it is current 5...
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    power in usbcabel

    power in usbcabel i tried everything, jitterbug and ifi iSilencer +. ifi nano and other devices, for usb. it's snake oil. the only thing that works is very simple clean 5volt power
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    highend usbcabel

    highend usbcabel take nordost valhalla usb 3meter cost 5600 dollars. they sell snakeoil, fine must be. when there is 90ohm +/- 5%, in usb cable and well shielded then I can not see much ,sound difference, whether highend or ordinary usb cable. maybe a little silver, in cable gives better...
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    new gustard u18 jitter -185 db

    new gustard u18 jitter -185 db accusilicon as338 110db 10hz accusilicon as318 99db 10hz serious usb interface that works with 1.5 ps
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    Recycling of 2 jitterbug some say it's crap

    Recycling of 2 jitterbug. some say it's crap. it depends on how to use jitterbug, I have ifi defender, with own power in the middle, jitter use at each end. i have neumann 310a they sounded tip, in the treble on gustard x20 pro. but can hear it, silk soft treble now. and it is not something...
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    sounds your dac, very bad on laptop ,with usbcables, try this

    sounds your dac, very bad on laptop ,with usbcables, try this I made experiment with my laptop expensive usb cables require very precise power and 90ohm for audio channels if you experience that distortion from your laptop due to the power not being accurate enough from the usb port on the...
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