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    AVR vs Integrated stereo amplifier for KEF LS50 Meta?

    Hello, I have a pair of KEF LS50 Meta and am currently powering the speakers with my Yamaha TSR-700 AVR (rated at 100WPC @ 8 Ohms). While I think the sound coming out of the speakers already sound pretty great, I was wondering if a dedicated stereo amp could make it sound even better. If they...
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    KEF LS50 Meta vs Klipsch RP-600M II?

    Does anyone have experience with both speakers? If so, could you share your thoughts on how they compare? I was also looking at an open box Wharfedale Linton Heritage for $1200, but they seem to be quite large for my set up, so I'm trying to decide between KEF LS50 Meta and RP-600M II. I...
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    Wharfedale Linton Heritage vs KEF R3 vs Buchardt S400 vs Klipsch Heresy IV?

    Ok, I narrowed my choices down to these three speakers. They are all in open box conditions, and the prices for them are: Wharfedale Linton: $1260 KEF R3: $1300 Buchardt: $930 Klipsch Heresy iv: $1700 My room is around 300 sq ft and I'm planning on pairing the speakers with the Yamaha TSR-700...
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    Focal Aria S906 vs KEF LS50 Meta

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to decide between Focal Aria S906 ($1000) and KEF LS50 Meta ($1000). They are both used in mint condition. As for my living room home theater set up, I already have Sony's HT-A9 with SA5 subwoofer, so this would mostly go into my bedroom which is around...
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