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  1. AudioSQ

    Desktop Setup?

    After working from home mostly since the pandemic started I finally bought a desk. I had been using a kid's drafting table as a temporary solution for the "two weeks" I was supposed to work from home. At any rate, I now have some desk space for a desktop setup. I don't have a ton of room because...
  2. AudioSQ

    Mini PC for Dirac?

    I've been thinking about trying Dirac, but currently only use a PI as my streamer. Would Dirac run fine on a cheap Windows mini PC or would it need more processing power? Also curious about the USB out performance on a mini PC. Anybody have a recomendation for a good cheap one? By cheap I...
  3. AudioSQ

    Dayton Copperheads

    I built these little guys to use for speakers at my office. While I have a pretty large desk, the amount of space I have to get a speaker on the right side of my monitors is pretty limited. I needed something small and only gave myself an overall budget of $200 for the speakers, amp, and dac. I...
  4. AudioSQ

    Can REW Measure External Source?

    I measured my system with REW, had it generate some PEQ filters and plugged those into Moode. What I would like to do is measure the results of those filters to see what the curve looks like after. Is there any good way to measure sound played through the PI using Moode? Thanks!
  5. AudioSQ

    Denim Insulation

    My wife orders one of those meal subscription boxes and they insulate it with what looks like denim insulation. Could I use that to make acoustic panels? I've used it to line speaker boxes before so I've been keeping all of it in case an opportunity presented itself. I imagine it wouldn't be...
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