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  1. AudioSQ

    CSS Audio Criton 1TD-X Build Log

    Great job! I think those look way to pretty to put grills on. This renews my interest in veneering mine, but currently I'm spending my time and money on another hobby, the car. I can't go too far down the rabbit hole on that one though. Gets expensive real fast. Let us know your initial...
  2. AudioSQ

    Show us your Cars

    Yeah, 2002, about to roll over 10,500 miles.
  3. AudioSQ

    Show us your Cars

    I realize it's old, but not cool old. I had one in my early 20s and acknowledge the emotional component makes it cooler to me than it really is.
  4. AudioSQ

    Parts Express Copperhead Desktop Full-Range Speaker build

    I think they work great for low volume background music.. and they definitely don't have any bass that can travel. I think they were +/- 5 db above 100hz on my desk, but with a bit of EQ I was rather happy for the price and size. Look sharp too.
  5. AudioSQ

    How tactile is a sub supposed to be?

    You can get tactile feel froms vibrations. A a second story will have more tactile feel than being on a concrete slab. A bass shaker would be an easier, cheaper, and safer for the ears approach. Sub placement also plays a factor. If you have your subs firing into the back of your couch, for...
  6. AudioSQ

    ASR Target Curve?

    I think it was a pair of MTMs, 1 18" and 9 cheap 12"s, but I'm not 100% what I had in the system when I measured that.
  7. AudioSQ

    ASR Target Curve?

    It was a joke.. That curve always makes me chuckle. I wanted to see if the bass was still flat when I juiced it up a bit. I was happy to see it was, but I obviously never listen to the bass 35db hot.
  8. AudioSQ

    ASR Target Curve?

    I think the target curve is something like this..
  9. AudioSQ

    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    Right, but if you aren't using the dac to adjust the volume then when you adjust it on the PA5 it won't also adjust it for the sub. You'll have to adjust the volume of both independently. I think most would find it a bother, but maybe you're ok with that. If you use the DAC to adjust the volume...
  10. AudioSQ

    Can you make a small room sound decent?

    My room is roughly 15'x15'.. it took six 4'x2' panels to get rid of the echo clap, but I also have carpet flooring. I have the speakers on sliders and pull them into the room at least three feet from any walls when I critically listen. Have you tried the speakers on the long wall? Maybe get them...
  11. AudioSQ

    How many pairs of speakers do you own? How often do you rotate them?

    CSS Criton 2TDXs (Game room) Wharfedale 12.0s (Home Office) Copperheads (Work Office) Amigas (Living Room/Kitchen) All get used fairly often, except the Amigas. There's a loose connection in the crossover and I have to shake them a good bit to get them to play. Someday I'll get around to fixing it.
  12. AudioSQ

    My niece's first system for under $1000 USD - suggestions

    I'm guessing she's not an audio snob and simply enjoys the experience of vinyl. She probably just wants something that a regular sensible person would deem pleasing. I doubt she's trying to be groomed into an 'audiophile', but wouldn't be the first time I'm wrong. I have friends who love vinyl...
  13. AudioSQ

    Desktop Setup?

    Wharfedale 12.0s. They're very solid for $300. I'd say a little thick in the midrange and a bit rolled off up top. Others have said the same so maybe I've just turned into a parrot. Obviously they don't dig super deep with only a 4" driver, but I've been satisfied with the bass that is there. I...
  14. AudioSQ

    Post photo of your desktop setup

    DAC: SMSL M200 Amp: SMSL DA9 Speakers: Wharfedale 12.0s I'm pretty happy with it, but it's new and I'm still playing around with things. I need to bust out REW and fine tune it. I'm still undecided if I'll add a sub. The little speakers do a pretty good job, but obviously roll off early. I...
  15. AudioSQ

    Would Larger Subs Be Beneficial If Current Subs Are Already Not Maxed Out?

    Black Hawk Down, Lone Survivor.. The nuts over at AVS could probbly rattle off several. I've never personally chased below 20hz so I'm not in the loop.
  16. AudioSQ

    Would Larger Subs Be Beneficial If Current Subs Are Already Not Maxed Out?

    You're pretty good down to 10hz so no real need to go deeper. Rarely will you find content below 10hz. It certainly won't add what I think most would consider slam. It would mostly be inaudible and just shake things more.. which is very important to some people. My guess is you're just used to...
  17. AudioSQ

    Spec a "dream" home theatre (within a budget)

    Different strokes for different folks. I painted my wall with a fancy paint combo to help with ambient light and brightness. I shoot about a 130" image with the projector. My tv is just a cheap 4k 55" tv. I use the projector maybe 3 hours a month. Part of that is because I have to move the TV...
  18. AudioSQ

    Desktop Setup?

    Already made my purchases. Found the Wharfedales on sale at Best Buy and ordered a SMSL DA9. All should be here tomorrow. Thanks for everyones input. It was appreciated.
  19. AudioSQ

    Desktop Setup?

    I guess I should have specified, this is primarily for listening to music while I work, not critical listening sessions. It will not be my main system. If I'm going to get in trouble for over spending it's going to be for the main system. And I always plan on getting in trouble for that one.
  20. AudioSQ

    Desktop Setup?

    And mess up my hair! Really though, it's for seven hour stretches and I can't imagine wearing headphones for that long.
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