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  1. deniall83

    Whest Mastering Buffer.. What is this thing? It says it’s for digital products but it’s not a DAC. I can’t see how this product would improve anything. Any comments?
  2. deniall83

    Absolute budget system for Roon and vinyl..

    I’m about to move into a small apartment (first home) and listening loud won’t be possible. However, I have a large digital library and about 250 records that I’d like to continue to play. I’ve been considering what sort of system I’m going to get and have decided that there’s no point spending...
  3. deniall83

    I've decided I need a DAP. Are any of them actually worth purchasing on performance and usability?

    Moving into a small apartment and have decided to condense my audio gear and buy a DAP and some headphones as I'm finding myself with less and less time to listen to speakers. I have a good relationship with a dealer who stocks pretty much every DAP on the market. I'll probably get some Focal...
  4. deniall83

    ELAC DS-A101 Streaming Amplifier?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this product? Seems to be just what I'm looking for. 80wpc into 4 ohms, Roon Ready, DSP, sub out, 2 analog inputs etc. What HiFi wasn't impressed with the sound and that's the only review I can find. They are...
  5. deniall83

    Rega Brio-R. A good choice?

    I need a new amp and the small form factor and in-built phono stage of the Brio-R appeals to me. It seems to measure well but I was hoping for a second opinion as this isn't my forte. Also any suggestions...
  6. deniall83

    Need a better alternative to the Audioquest Dragonfly products..

    So I’m in the market for a USB stick type DAC/amp like the Dragonfly models from Audioquest and I’m having trouble finding good alternatives. Basically, I want to be able to run a CCK (lightning to USB cable) from my iPhone to the device and plug my headphones in. That’s it. So it needs to be...
  7. deniall83

    One box headphone amp/DAC required. A few requirements. Suggestions?

    I'm after a one box headphone amp/DAC. Must have optical in, RCA out, low output impedance and enough power to drive planar magnetic cans. I was looking at the Mayflower ARC but have been turned off by a lot of people posting issues online. Quite happy to spend what I need to get something that...
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