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    Topping a90discrete

    Hi all, I'm going nuts. I decided to buy a topping a90d and D90se. The A90d turned up. The d90se arrives tomorrow. I decided to try an old smsl m500 with it using balanced interconnection. Plugged everything in and it worked. I'm waiting for the Dan Clark Stealths to arrive as well so plugged...
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    Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed, Aeon 2 Noire and Stealth

    Hi, So I've read the reviews of the DCA Stealth, Aeon RT, Focals and numerous other headphones. I cannot see the Aeon RT in the UK so my choices really boil down to Aeon 2 Closed, Aeon 2 Noire, Stealth, Focal Elegia, Celestee, Radiance or Stellia for closed backs. I cannot hear any of them in...
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    Topping e50/l50 stack vs d90/a90 for any headphone

    Hi, My SMSL M500 Mk 1 has just been totaled by a lightning storm - seems like a good time for an upgrade. I've decided to try for an end game setup. I have been considering the following 3 options: e50/L50 stack d90/a90 stack Topping DX5 Headphones I'm considering are: DCA Aeon Noire DCA...
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