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  1. Jazz

    Apple Music Atmos to an AVR, but no Apple TV, how?

    Other than an Apple TV, how do you play Apple Music Atmos/Spatial Audio music to an AVR*, which has HDMI ports? There must be some kind of second option. *Yamaha TSR-700 7.2 Channel AV Receiver with Dolby Atmos DTS - the USB port on it is still, sadly, only for thumb drives!
  2. Jazz

    How your majority smart home device mix dictates a lot

    Like many, I started out with Alexa compatible devices, like smart plugs, a few years ago. I tried to get devices that were Alexa and Apple Home compatible. Ultimately thinking: I would go all Apple anyway, as they got their shite together in the end. This worked well. Until I began the change...
  3. Jazz

    Best process of transition from one AVR to another

    I am moving from a Yamaha HTR-4065 to the TSR-700. I would appreciate any advice on best way to do this. Should I write down all my old settings? Do I need to do anything else or be aware of any Yamaha-mish changes or terminology changes? (The 4065 will go to a bedroom setup. The 4065 uses the...
  4. Jazz

    Developments in chip technology

    This is simply a post here to an article about an interesting take on IC technology. What is interesting is how it might impact AV indirectly.
  5. Jazz

    Toslink to USB C?

    I have a PCM receiver that only has Toslink out. I would like to send that to a USB-C in on a DAC (and then from the DAC to analog). The DAC is just USB-C in (female). Is there a Toslink to USB-C dongle or box out there? One that is not a DAC. The Toslink is going into a DAC (that only has...
  6. Jazz

    What DAC is in the Mac M1

    The Mac M1 has a 3.5 Aux out. So, it has a DAC. Does anyone know what it is? It does not sound as robust as any decent external you would use but, I am just curious if anyone knows, for sure. Although, I have only run a super long 12 foot? cable from it to the amp. Maybe my DAC has better power...
  7. Jazz

    So, with streaming now the way many humans get audio…

    Is there a way to test various services now that Amazon, Deezer, Quobuz, and soon Apple and eventually Spotify, will be streaming lossless audio? When I A/B compared Amazon HD to Deezer, I could detect no difference at all. I suspect Apple and Qobuz will be same if an A/D/A/Q comparison were...
  8. Jazz

    The lowdown on Apple Music lossless June 2021
  9. Jazz

    New Belkin Airplay 2 device

    Belkin Airplay 2 device I wonder what DAC it will have for 3.5 analog?
  10. Jazz

    Hidizs S9 & Music (iTunes) on Mac

    So, I picked up the Hidizs S9 after the review here and, because I am a big AKM DAC fan (let's hope they get the fire gutted factory rebuilt in a timely manner…) and I like a excellent performing bargain. The LED is too bright though… Anyhow, I was going to use it in my car but decided instead...
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