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    Is filling your cavities audible?

    I'm talking speaker stands. Does filling them with sand or exotic gravel from the Atacama desert really make an audible difference, or does it just make them more expensive and difficult to move?
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    Samsung Galaxy Buds2

    I think the buds are better than my hd600s. But that's just me listening. Does anyone have any good data on the buds that show that I may not be totally mad? Or otherwise...
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    Toole when drunk

    I presume that Floyd Toole et al have done there testing when the subjects were sober. Has anyone done similar research on intoxicated individuals? I'm up for it!
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    How do Youtubers make their speakers sound better than mine?

    I sometimes watch some reviews on YouTube, and the speakers often seem to sound better than the ones that I am using to listen to them on. I know that that's a trick, so what EQ or other tricks do they use to lie to you? Here is a new and prime example: Buchardt A500 _(Z Reviews)_ Setting a...
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    Sounds the size of Wales

    Many posters on this forum and elsewhere state that that their rooms are small, medium or large. Is there a standard measure that I have missed, or should one now be created? And how many sheds would that make? (For those that don't know, in the UK the size of Wales is commonly used as unit of...
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    SPL, Trouser Flapping and Driver Diameter

    I often read (on other forums) that speakers with small drivers, however large the throw, do not create the same "visceral" effect as those with larger drivers at low frequencies, even at the same SPL for the same frequency. But surely, if the SPL is the same... I may be being naive here, but...
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