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  1. tuga

    Perceptual Audio Evaluation - Theory, method and application

    Interesting piece (albeit rather light) on the subject of objective listening or "peceptual measurement": Perceptual Audio Evaluation - Theory, method and application Søren Bech (Bang & Olufsen) & Nick Zacharov (DELTA, SenseLab)...
  2. tuga

    The importance of fast and uniform temporal decays over the whole audio frequency band

    Interesting paper on the importance of fast and uniform temporal decays over the whole audio frequency band: Measurement of sound quality for critical listening Fazenda, BM, Holland, KR and Newell, PR Abstract...
  3. tuga

    Why Doubt Is Essential to Science - Sci. Am.

    Interesting opinion piece from the Scientific American: Why Doubt Is Essential to Science If people don’t understand how science works, they can’t properly understand how to think about new findings ...As a...
  4. tuga

    AI does audio reviews

    I've just tried an AI writer called YouWrite: I fed it Revel Ultima Salon2 and got: Revel Ultima Salon2 is a professional hair dryer that is designed to...
  5. tuga

    Can you hear under the noise floor? (digital audio)

    I found the following in an old white paper from Lavry Engineering titled "20 Bit Equipment For 16 Bit Work?". It would be interesting to hear comments from the digital audio experts. Can you hear under the noise floor? The engineering definition of the "noise floor" is a measure of the total...
  6. tuga

    What makes the perfect (concert hall) acoustic, according to science?

    Interesting (though very basic) piece about concert hall acoustics: What makes the perfect acoustic, according to science?
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    1kHz @ 0dBFS, is it enough?

    The Topping D90SE shows issues when measured 1kHz @ -63dBFS but not @ 0dBFS. Wouldn't it make sense to expand the DAC measurements suite, and perform measurements of e.g. 1kHz, 10kHz and 20kHz at both -3dBFS and -63dBFS? And shouldn't the frequency range in intermodulation plots be expanded to...
  8. tuga

    On the benefits of noise

    Interesting research on the benefits of noise: Stochastic resonance and the benefits of noise: from ice ages to crayfish and SQUIDs K. Wiesenfeld, F. Moss - Nature 373 (1995) Noise in dynamical systems is usually considered a...
  9. tuga

    A visit to the Funkhaus Berlin studio complex
  10. tuga

    Toxic debates - The Public Misunderstanding Of Science

    Interesting programme this morning on BBC World Service's The Compass (available for download): Toxic debates - The Public Misunderstanding Of Science How do conspiracy theories take root and what can be done to combat them? Across Europe, activists fearful of 5G technology have attacked phone...
  11. tuga

    Online ear-training platform

    An interesting online ear-training platform:
  12. tuga

    Affordable horn speakers

    Ready-made multi-way horn speakers (e.g. Cessaro, Avangarde, Odeon, Living Voice) tend to be extremely expensive. Marc Henry's KornHent (formerly known as La Grande Castine) is a 3-way model using the Le Cléac'h profile which can be had for around €14,000. It needs a complementary subwoofer or...
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    A deaf audiophile

    Interesting piece.
  14. tuga

    Eye pattern, what does it tell us

    Hi-Fi News tested a bunch of USB cables and published catchy eye pattern measurements for each one of them (along with some subjective blabber). Those eye pattern plots show some differences between the different cables. How does one read an eye pattern plot? What does it tell us about the...
  15. tuga

    Analog Devices - Staying Well Grounded

    Interesting piece on the Analog Devices website about grounding and digital audio: Staying Well Grounded by Hank Zumbahlen Grounding is undoubtedly one of the most difficult subjects in system design. While the basic concepts are relatively simple, implementation is very involved...
  16. tuga

    Franco Serblin Ktêma - low-frequency compression-loaded & room-interfaced, mid-high cardioid

    Interesting controlled-radiation concept by Franco Serblin (creator of Sonus Faber). It would be interesting see measurements of the Ktêma's off-axis anechoic and in-room responses. (manufacturer page here) (Hi-Fi News review in PDF here) Geometry: four-way topology, five units. The two...
  17. tuga

    Klippel laser scanner woofer measurements video

    Very interesting videos by Phil Jones, founder of Acoustic Energy, of the Klippel NFS laser scanner at work. Apologies if this has already been posted.
  18. tuga

    Amsterdam Mastering studio construction photos

    Amsterdam Mastering's webpage has an interesting set of photos taken along the various stages of construction.
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