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  1. TheWalkman

    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    If I recall correctly, UPS International shipping was a whopping $53 and the amp arrived, intact, in less than a week.) (I think the heatsink on the right, attached to the power supply, actually does dissipate heat but either way, they look very cool! )
  2. TheWalkman

    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    Living in the US, I was nervous to purchase the Audiphonics amp (France) - shipping costs, Duty, damage, etc. The case and with large heatsinks was a real motivator/ differentiator. None of those worries materialized. Now that I’ve had this amp for three months of virtual daily use, I can...
  3. TheWalkman

    Which pre built Purifi Amp sould I buy?

    Ozark, FWIW, three months later, I’m absolutely loving the Audiophonics amp. This is the next gen amp in succession to the classic Harmon-Karadon, Hafler, Crown or McIntosh collectibles. Fifty years from now, I hope my grandkids will be talking about this long after I’m gone (and giving me...
  4. TheWalkman

    Carver Raven 350 Review (Tube Amp)

    Should I trade in my Purifi HPA-400 and RasPi Streamer for a fancy turntable and Carver tube amp so all my friends think I’m a real Audiophile? Maybe not. I’ll just keep them wondering.
  5. TheWalkman

    Which pre built Purifi Amp sould I buy?

    Thanks Greg. Unfortunately, the power indicator is the white ring surrounding the push button, power switch, making it tough to press if you cover it with film. I may have read somewhere that there are DC leads to the LED on the switch that can be removed but I haven‘t pulled the cover off...
  6. TheWalkman

    Which pre built Purifi Amp sould I buy?

    DAC + Preamp: Raspi -> (USB) -> D30 -> (XLR) -> Audiophonics Sangean HD-20 HD Receiver -> (Coax) -> D30 -> … “ ”
  7. TheWalkman

    Which pre built Purifi Amp sould I buy?

    Aerial: I’m currently switching between a pair of Elac UF5s, and a pair of ELAC DBR72s. I couldn’t be happier. Prior to this amp, I was driving these speakers, switching between an Aiyima A04, A07 and a Topping PA5. That said, I was leaning towards the DBR62s. With the added umph of the...
  8. TheWalkman

    Show us your Raspberry PIs, Intel NUCs and other mini PCs!

    Here’s my PiZero 2W (running Volumio) attached to my Topping D30 driving my Audiphonics S400 Purifi amp. Current speakers are Unifi UF5s. Absolutely love it!
  9. TheWalkman

    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    The setup I just laid out for you allows you to control the volume three * ways: 1) via Volumio - software slider; 2) via the knob on the Topping D30; 3) via the Topping remote control. *4) you can always pull the power cord out, I suppose. Not recommended. Nor sure what else I can offer…
  10. TheWalkman

    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    So if you want a knob, here’s your Pi Based Plan B (and I’m using this very setup as I type this response): Raspberry Pi Zero 2W (running Volumio) => (via USB cable to a) Topping D30 (with a knob) => Audiophonics S400 Amp. No need for the Allo DAC. Everone seems to want to use a Pi4 as a...
  11. TheWalkman

    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    The Allo Miniboss allows for variable output.
  12. TheWalkman

    What was the equipment upgrade you are most happy with?

    The Panther got this right. All I can say is, “Wow.”
  13. TheWalkman

    Which pre built Purifi Amp sould I buy?

    Yesterday, I took delivery of an Audiophonics HPA-S400ET based on Amir’s review. Great amp. (This is probably an end-game amp for me.) Between the great ASR review and weak Euro, I couldn’t resist. The backlog was about a month but I was on vacation so this wasn’t a real problem...
  14. TheWalkman

    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Tear Down

    So now the what….(are the inductors?)
  15. TheWalkman

    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Tear Down

    Trungdtmc, Those inductors certainly aren’t stock. Elaborate on what and why, please!
  16. TheWalkman

    What type of speaker do you prefer? And why?

    Why? Because my Ex has no say in the matter!
  17. TheWalkman

    Is Volumio the best 'streamer freeware'?

    Newbie, How‘s that? I can stream audio from my iOS devices to my Volumio equipped RPis via AirPlay2 and it works great. What do you feel is lacking?
  18. TheWalkman

    Oil Change Intervals Objectively

    On all my cars - including company cars- I always changed my oil at 5000 mile intervals (with an initial, “break-in“ change at 1000 - 1500 miles.) No longer. On my latest purchase, I decided my days of German machines and the maintenance headaches are over so I bought a new Honda with a...
  19. TheWalkman

    Welcome to the New Review Index!

    I didn’t scan all the pages but this isn’t working on the latest version of Safari on my iPad. FWIW, page appears to load data but nothing is displaued.
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