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    How to Get People Flying on the 737 Max

    The decline of Boeing began long ago with the McDonnell Douglass merger. Decion makiking was quickly moved from Seattle to the new offices in the midwest. In practical terms, this was the beginning of the transition of Boeing the 'airplane' company becoming a corporation run by bean counters...
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    Out for a few more days

    Hoping between the dry weather and new crew you can quickly implement an effective solution.
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    Home Theater Bypass - Subwoofer setup

    While most of the above mentioned approaches can work fairly well with some effort, they are not the simplest and most straight forward solution. What you really need is a preamplifier with HT Bypass which also includes a bypass for the sub; a 2.1 HT Bypass preamplifier. I like some of Rotel's...
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    NHT Super Zero 2.1 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    As a frequent visitor who appreciates Amir's work I have to say that I don't know if I am more disappointed in the speaker or Amir's review. How on earth can anyone who has even a modest amount of experience in this hobby even consider doing a listening evaluation of this speaker without a sub...
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    The US Electoral College

    One of the main reasons was to prevent a small number of states with large populations from dominating the other states. As for the populace becoming better educated and more informed that is up for debate and does not mean wiser. We are at a point today where information and news is filtered...
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    Yamaha RX-V6A 7.2 channel 4K / 8K Dolby AV Receiver Review

    Can you say ugly? Looks like the toaster oven and the dishwasher had a baby.
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    Show us your vintage cassettes!

    I wonder of the youngsters even know what a deck is?
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    Show us your vintage cassettes!

    Brings back thread. Now, show me the hardware. Preferably a deck you still own.
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    Forest Fires, Air Quality, Weather Patterns, ...The World ...

    .... This exactly! All we can do is be good stewards of the environment as much as practical. And that includes new greener technologies scaled up as feasible not by unobtainable or unrealistic arbitrary timelines. Even our best efforts to mitigate our impact on the environment while necessary...
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    Will filling my speaker stands really improve sound?

    Don't know the exact design of that stand, but if you are worrying about leakage with the sand, you can fill plastic or cloth bags and put one or several in the stand. Don't necessarily have to fill every square centimeter of the stand
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    Forest Fires, Air Quality, Weather Patterns, ...The World ...

    I see. Emphasis I understand. Too much THD not so much.
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    Forest Fires, Air Quality, Weather Patterns, ...The World ...

    Hmm....I have seen the moon although orange and I have flown through this. Where did you read this?
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    Douchebags and Schiit: How do they get away with it?

    The less I hear the ladies on “The View” talk about SCHIIT, the better.
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    Parasound JC2 Preamplifier Review

    With a few here piling on and proclaiming Parasound's demise based on the disappointing review of a rather old product, I will put forth a few thoughts: 1. While there will always be an unhappy few, Parasound seems to get good marks on customer service. They have had a few products with issues...
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    Stream Music Directly Into Your Brain?

    With so many concerned about foreign state hackers, big brother and various other threats, I don't see the masses rushing to get their chip implants. Yes, we are gradually becoming a society of drones but I hope this does not happen in my lifetime. The technical aspects will be minuscule in...
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    Parasound JC2 Preamplifier Review

    If Amir is willing, that would be great. I have seen the P5 innards and agree it does not look "audiophile" in the classic sense. The P6 carries forward a similar approach but also has an upgraded resistor ladder volume control and different DAC. I am really curious to see how the P5 or P6...
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    Parasound JC2 Preamplifier Review

    It would be very interesting to see how the current much less expensive Parasound Halo P6 (or even P5) with their smps power supplies measure up. Also, the New Classic 200 Pre as well. Priced at $1500, $1100 and $895, and with many more features, how much do you sacrifice if any?
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    TiVo is having a big promotion...

    Really? I have bigger worries in life than tweaking my Tivo. Overall, while far from perfect still my favorite TV Box even with all the options we have today.
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    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    With poor AVR LSI performance measurements and the growing interest in HT Bypass, I would like to see the Parasound P6 Pre and 200 Integrated which IMO have better HT Bypass function implementation than most products. Parasound's approach includes bypass input for the 2 L,R channels as well as...
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