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  1. Holmz

    Speaker Wire 'Burn in'

    I believe you. But this stuff have been around since Faraday and Maxwell. The electrons do flow. They get pushed by the electric field like a sheepdog pushing around sheep… Not all the sheep move in unison like a school of fish or a flock of starlings, but en masse they all move.
  2. Holmz

    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    I think I’d stay being happy with the TT then. And I’d get a few more TTs if it preserved the old fella.
  3. Holmz

    Best way to add a center channel

    Well the Mrs heard a sound bar and said, “you sort it out, and make it be more listenable than this.”
  4. Holmz

    Absolute Polarity - Myth or "Important"?

    I Hopefully the multiple is a module 2 = 0 one.
  5. Holmz

    Best way to add a center channel

    Some sound bars are pretty bright, a shrill and grating… you likely need to have a good listen.
  6. Holmz

    Best way to add a center channel

    True, one would think that. But I am not sure it is true… for it to be of use (IME) it has to have a wide horizontal radiation pattern, AND the listeners need to to be spread out from each other spatially. If it is 2 people on a sofa, then my experience is that good two channel speakers are way...
  7. Holmz

    how does an 'Audio Grounding Box' work?

    Ahh… I did not pick up the sarcasm the first time around.
  8. Holmz

    Can a DAC improve soundstage, depth, separation?

    It is possible that the ancient ones may have been under the threshold as well.
  9. Holmz

    Carver Crimson 275 Review (Tube Amp)

    Does anyone know what the power supply capacity in Joules?
  10. Holmz

    how does an 'Audio Grounding Box' work?

    Which school did you go to?
  11. Holmz

    I built a sub - the Overdrive10

    Nice looking sub. How did you arrive at 30Hz? And would the OP be better off with a 20-50 or something a bit lower for HT use? (Maybe even 16-40Hz ?) I am asking because I have a couple of subs and PRs, and want to put them onto the LFE outputs. Should I be shooting for 20, 25, or16 Hz??? @Wolf
  12. Holmz

    Gaia Isolation anything in this?

    Is the velocity peak velocity? I can see where velocity would be appropriate say in a Doppler calculation, but I am wondering if acceleration would be a better metric (G)?
  13. Holmz

    The REAL Problem of March Audio's Sointuva WG (Review, Measurements and Reinforcements with Klippel device)

    Yep… It was only germane in the context of Danny’s comments, and to his followers. Well done post, by the way.
  14. Holmz

    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    It was quite an eye opener for me when I first discovered that the track was quiet, and I was hearing the master tape noise just before the music started, and after it ended. And then quiet again, before the next song. I was “wowed” I’ll take a crack at it. I am getting the ADC into the system...
  15. Holmz

    SMSL SU-10 - the next "best" DAC coming soon!?

    When I mentioned to the hound that Class-D meant digital, she turned her head and said, “No sir, is Class-D for Dog, meaning I will not get shocked or burnt, and it sounds good to my hearing.” Then when i asked about walking into the chewy toy, she said, “It tames the bass from the woofer.”...
  16. Holmz

    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    Superior, means that the SINAD of a 120dB DAC is better than the 80dB turn table. But nothing will change soon, if we only listen with speakers with distortions at 40-50dB or worse, and evolution is not going to make out 80dB ears jump to 200dB. So really both are fit for purpose, in the same...
  17. Holmz

    DIY cable and adapter making. Looking for others.

    They are like ~15 USD, or 26 AUD, so a bit expensive, but nice quality.
  18. Holmz

    DIY cable and adapter making. Looking for others.

    Where from? I need some Lemo connectors
  19. Holmz

    Beta Test: Multitone Loopback Analyzer software

    What is multi tone hiss? It is not pink, so maybe it is brown noise? I left a speaker cable in front of the speaker and in the dark last night, I thought it was a brown snake. Which are pretty dangerous… The bastards can dump over a half...
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