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  1. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Suggestion: Disable profile posts

    Whilst it can be amusing when people post a public profile post when think they are sending a PM, my feeling is that it’s unfair and unnecessary. Can I suggest that part of the forum be disabled (or posters get some sort of warning that their posts will be public)?
  2. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Does a device exist that can do…...

    I'm looking for a device, if it exists, that can do the following: - Preamp with analog and digital inputs and remote control - Ability to convert the analog inputs to digital - ability to output digital signal as part of an 'effects loop' (I want to convert analog to digital, output it to my...
  3. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Roger Sanders appears on "Three Sad Bastards" podcast

    There's a podcast from "down under" that is gaining a bit of a loyal following. Entitled "Three Sad Bastards", it usually consists of three long-term friends bickering about their love of hifi. Entertaining, as long as you don't take them too seriously. But the latest episode actually has...
  4. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Which RME should I get?

    After some sage advice if I may. I'm thinking about getting an RME dac to run directly into my power amp. The main reason is that I really like the loudness feature. A second reason is that I could get rid of my preamp. The problem I have is that I run two digital sources (CD player and...
  5. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Australian bushfires

    Just checking in and hoping that our Aussie ASR members are ok. I’m in Melbourne, so unaffected by the massive bushfires that are engulfing parts of the country. The attached photo gives some perspective on the size of area burnt...
  6. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    does it make sense to test how amps behave when they clip?

    I'm a big fan of Roger Sanders. He has a very measurement-based approach to his products and is of the view that amps do sometimes sound different but not for the reason that most audiophiles think. to quote: "Most audiophiles simply don't recognize when their amps are clipping. This is...
  7. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Mocking audiophiles back in 1959

    Flanders and Swann
  8. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    How a Bach Canon Works

    From openculture Brilliant. This moving manuscript depicts a single musical sequence played front to back and then back to front. Give the video a little time to unfold and enjoy.
  9. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Do any DACs apart from RME have equal-loudness features?

    Hi all, hopefully the title is self explanatory. One of the features that attracts me to the RME-ADI2 DAC is the loudness feature, but I'm hoping there exists another DAC that also has this at a lower price. Does anyone know if such a device exists?
  10. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Best DAC to pair with Chromecast

    Hi all, I’m after some advice. I wish to move my headphone setup into a separate room from my main rig. To do this, I’ll be using a chromecast Audio to stream. So I’m after some recommendations as to the best dac to pair it with. No need for any amplification (I have this already), just a...
  11. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Portable amp/dac recommendation for Hifiman Edition X

    I have a pair of Hifiman edition X planar magnetic headphones. I mainly listen on my iPhone and I find that it lacks enough power to drive them properly. Is there a portable device that can go in between my phone and my phones that will give me more power and possibly a better DAC. Something...
  12. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Meanwhile in Australia

    A victory for "cyborg justice" and take note of the gentleman's name !
  13. Sir Sanders Zingmore

    Greetings from 'straya

    Hi all Been reading this forum for a while now and thought I should sign up and say hello. Based in Melbourne Australia, the world's most livable city in case you didn't know. I like horns and valves and turntables and am completely comfortable admitting that a lot of that comes from the...
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