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    Hi, I want to choose a streamer / player for my existing system with dac. I can choose between SMSL SD 9 and IFI ZEN STREAM. What shall I choose? I currently have a Qobuz subscription which I prefer, but may well choose Tidal Hifi if the integration to the player is better. My current streamer...
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    Streamer to connect to DAC

    Go for SCHIIT MODI 3+
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    S.M.S.L. SD-9 Set-Up and Basic Review

    Are you sure that Mconnect Player app can do DLNA...? Because I cannot connect to Raspberry Pi / Volumio player... :-(
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    Andover Audio Songbird Review (Streamer)

    Raspberry Pi 4 with Volumio OS. Here you can stream bitperfect and gapless :-)
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    Topping D30Pro Owners

    I just received the D30pro and I'm pretty disappointed with the sound. It is connected to Hegel H80 amplifier with XLR connectors, and the music comes from Tidal Masters. The sound is very light and shrill. And significantly worse than from both my Schiit Bifrost 4490 and Schiit Modi 3.
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