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    Is it worth buying an Apple TV for lossless audio?

    Hi everyone, I’m already an Apple Music subscriber, so I already have access to its lossless audio. However, I have no easy way to get lossless playback to my home theater/speaker system currently from the Apple Music service. At the moment, I listen to music on the system using the Apple...
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    Recommendations for Small, Relatively-Cheap Powered Stereo Speakers for Office

    Hi Everyone, I’ve seen lots of reviews of small powered speakers that can be used near field/on desks over the past several months, but of course now that I’m on the market for a pair, I can’t seem to remember all of the ones that impressed me. I’m looking for something in the $200 range and...
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    Are my subwoofers distorting? (Reading REW data)

    Hello everyone, I'm getting used to using REW with my UMIK-1, along with setting EQ curves for my 2 subwoofers using a MiniDSP 2x4HD. This is a pretty standard auto-EQ I did for my subs with a mini house curve. I didn't really do any individual tweaking yet (there are definitely a couple of...
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    Need Help - Dips in Room EQ/Acoustics with MiniDSP/REW

    Hello Everyone, So I just got into more in-depth tuning of my home theater system. I am forced into a lot of compromises since I live in a condo. My entertainment center has to be in the front right corner of a somewhat large and open living room. Moreover, due to furniture (and spousal...
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