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    Positioning Genelecs 8030c mid field w/ sub

    Dear fellow members, For a few months now I have been enjoying a pair of Genelec 8030c with a custom build sub (powered by a Ghent Audio nCoren 500 w amp). I use a minidsp flex (balanced) for EQ and DSP and so far it is working well. The genelecs are free standing in a room of 4 x 5 meter...
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    Wanted: streamer with optical + analog in / optical out (as simple as possible)

    Hi fellow audiophiles, Since a forum in my native language keeps advising different cables et cetera, I figure this may be the ideal place to ask this question. I've been enjoying my NAD C658 for a few years now. However, since I moved with a house with a bigger room and like measuring and...
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