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    What do you think about this speaker?

    I knew a little shop that does this monster of speaker, what are your consideration about it? On the site you can find the explanation of the projects , but this one is what I was looking ,it seems definitive
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    blade 1 or blade 2?

    hello everybody, is there any significant difference between the two? they look very similiar, the main difference that i noted are the bigger side woofer, the blade 1 they go down 5hz deeper, nothing to worry about imho, and the coaxial is the same unit. they have different sensitivity but not...
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    Help me to decide what to chose jblm2 or kef blade

    Hello everyone I am in limbo of doubts, i did maybe found what they could be definitive speakers for me, buying them used , the kef would cost me more i have calculated around 11.5 k Euro and the JBL m2 i did find them at 9k used with the amp, the amp retail used at 1.7k , if i can take the JBL...
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    Vintage electrovoice speakers?

    Hello everyone I was thinking of getting two of these for the use of 2 channel stereo and hometheater, they should be pretty nice ,they look like they have a good directivity ,they have high sensitivity and can handle power, Soo they look like to me that can do the job done,the cons are the age...
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    what is your definitive and dream speaker that you would have?

    what is your definitive and dream speaker that you would have?
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    center channel directivity question

    i did read a lot of stuff about the center channel configurations and ive read that 3 way centers are way better than 2 way for the directivity, and basically if i bought a 3rd KEF r3 i could have a very good center channel, but in my case where i only care about my listening spot, it is better...
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    Best Active speakers for cinema/ stereo use?

    Hello everyone I would ask a question ,right now i got a pair of kef R3 paired with a sub and Dirac,best setup ive ever had,i got a question if i would like one day to ditch my mono amplifier that consume a lot of electricity and space what would you take for a budget of 5k for the couple for an...
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    Kef R3+ sub is this a good plan?

    Hello everyone i did find an used pair of R3 for 950 euros and i am very tempted to bite the apple right now they maybe become my stereo listening setup alongside my 5.1 setup, i could use my subwoofer for the R3, it's an 18 inch sealed subwoofer, a true beast, and i have Dirac live on my...
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    Best tower speakers with a good center channel for 4-5k maximum?

    Hello everyone ,i have to buy a good pair of towers with an appropriate center channel, i prefer to take the towers first and the center after ,as i am studying what to take without listening i did check on the forum and other forum,my use of the system will be 70/30 about (movie then music) my...
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    What dac with balanced for 6-700€ ?

    Hello everyone I have a small topping e30 and j love it,today my uncle asked me if I knew a valid DAC with balanced connection,he saw the topping d70s and I don't know what to get for him because there is a lot of new DAC with magnificent data, could you help me find a dac for him with the...
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