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    Canton speakers.

    LLooks like they remade this model which i have , Canton karat l800dc, 31cm side woofer and 16.8cm midrange, 42kg, awesome speaker,they need a big space
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    Dirac Live Bass Control coming to Dirac Live Stereo This YEAR!!

    I don't understand,i have a nad 758v3i will it possible to do the upgrade to bass control feature? I hope it !
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    what is your definitive and dream speaker that you would have?

    I own them ,most precise speaker I've ever heard
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    In your opinion, what is the 'gold standard' in subwoofers?

    And actually for the ones that can project and diy speaker it's very easy to design for example an ultimate 18 inch subwoofer for even less than 1000 dollar and to add a 1500w amp and you be set for life
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    New Klipsch Jubilee speaker

    a friend of mine told me that those were impressive
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    New Klipsch Jubilee speaker

    i have khorn myself if i can ask could i see a picture/layout of the room, i am renowating my room and i am curious about your layout, thanks for the measurements looks sweat
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    New Klipsch Jubilee speaker

    The Klipschorn could not be perfect but it's such like a live event,could be by the dynamics and the effortless power of the speaker
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    Speakers and their purpose

    You did really found them Soo cheap? I am from Italy and i can't Find them
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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    I got my R3 with a diy 18 inch sealed sub with Dirac live , basically i got a full range setup, i love it,in the near future i will go to a bigger space,i hope it will work well
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    Influence of curtains on room acoustics

    Well I mean, not very old windows,the new ones doesn't vibrate
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    Influence of curtains on room acoustics

    Windows are thinner than standard walls, so the bass frequency get thought the windows, and vibrate (dissipate energy) an acoustic told me this,Soo it's a myth that windows are super bad,with a curtain they are surely better than a wall
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    What's the speaker of your dreams?

    I heard them,loved it,they were supported by a sub and all sounded good
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    What do you think about this speaker?

    I understand i may have to ask more information about it
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    What do you think about this speaker?

    As i know they are proper designed in each page you can find the speaker measurements, i am cautious and ideally i should be listening them, i hope for the end of the year because they are 500km from me, but i did find very interesting the cilindric build ,it could be. Avery good solution for...
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    What do you think about this speaker?

    Thanks for your opinion, the little model it's very interesting too with his 10inch down firing woofer it' is very cool, the reason I like the artaban it's about the performance, as i have a 40mq room it would be perfect, but it's expensive too for a diy speaker , the person behind the project...
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