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    SOLD!!!: Hypex NC1200 Stereo Amp: SOLD!!!

    For sale is the powerhouse of Hypex nCore, the NC1200 stereo amp built by VTV in the USA. asking $1000. It’s has all the clean power you need for even the most demanding speakers. 400W @ 8ohm 700W @ 4ohm 1200W @ 2ohm This has a 12v trigger option. This unit does NOT have the pin1 issue that you...
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    Advice on DAC and Bass Management

    I’m looking for suggestions on a setup with a DAC, preamp and a way to add crossover from Mains to the sub in a 2.1 system. It seems the best way to crossover the mains is to add a MiniDSP. Am I missing something? I am trying to use balanced connections as much as possible. 1. MiniDSP SHD -...
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    Slight Buzz RCA to XLR

    Hi all so I recently purchased a Hypex NC1200 amp and I am getting a slight buzz when everything is connected up. I am going from a Yamaha AVR A1040 Pre out RCA (Chord Anthem 2) to Neutrik RCA to XLR adapter into the amp. I tried getting rid of the jumper and moving the RCA shield to Pin3...
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