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    Parasound Zonemaster 2350 Class D Power Amplifier with ICEpower 700ASC2

    My apologies for posting to this old thread. But I am considering either Parasound NewClassic 2125 v.2 or Parasound ZoneMaster 2350 for a 4 speaker (two room) setup together with a Bluesound streamer. From what I gather is that the 2125 is a AB THX amp, and the 2350 is a D an not THX?
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    Best amp solution for Bluesound. Node plus amp, nad integrated…

    I got a Bluesound node And I am currently using with an old receiver ( Yamaha Rx-v2400). I like to upgrade amp. Also, like an amp with zone control or integrated. I also have two speaker pairs, i figured I have several paths. 1.) get two powernodes 2.) keep my node and add an amp 3.) get a nad...
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