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    Topping L50 - too hot during normal operation?

    Hello, today after casual listening with my LCD-X, i've discovered that the case of my Topping L50 is a bit hot to the touch. Anybody noticed this? Is this perfectly normal?
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    Topping E50+L50 - balanced out with single ended in for best SNR/crosstalk?

    Hi there. i am trying to figure out if the following cabling combination is the best for E50+L50 in terms of technical superiority. Will i gain the best possible SNR/crosstalk if i use balanced TRS from the E50 output which will be connected as RCA (singled ended) input to L50? I'm asking if...
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    Audix A150 anyone?

    Anyone heard of Audix A150? i've had these for a couple of months, in my home office companion, and to me they sound kind of balanced (i dont feel i need to eq), however i'm unable to find any measurements to confirm. But what i have been able to found on the net so far - seems like they are...
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    Topping L50 - 4pin XLR out real advantages?

    Hi there. are there any real advantages to using 4pin XLR out instead of single ended TRS out? I am unable to to find this info in the L50 manual (they talk only about inputs). Thanks.
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    SOLVED: Topping E50/L50 combo + Audeze LCD-X = leakage current?

    Hi there. Need your help please. i'm running a wonderful Topping stack consisting of following items: - Topping E50 dac (connected with Topping HS01 isolator to Mac Mini M1 and powered by Topping P50) - Topping L50 hp amp (interconnected via balanced TRS) I have received my brand new Audeze...
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