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    Amazon Music HD up scales everything. So...?

    I just leave this here as it was useful to me: So it seems getting a Wiim mini is a potential way to use Amazon Music UHD without upsampling.
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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    Using a Raspberry Pi 3+ with the latest (8.1.2) Moode Audio as a streamer (usb connection to the E50). The RPi stays on all the time but the DAC is switched off every now and then. When I start the dac, the "USB" sign starts blinking and the '/proc/asound/E50' dir is empty. If I start playing...
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    Apple Music Hi-Res Audio Playback Methods Agglomeration

    Evaluating ways how to use Apple Music including Hi-Res content AND remote control. (I know I should possibly let this go, but now it is annoying me). - Airplay -> it's AAC256 when streamed from Apple Music so I ruled this one out. - Direct connection from an iPad with camera adapter - works...
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    Scratching my head - getting Apple music to HiFi

    I haven't had the chance to check what is the bottleneck but the sd card used was a class10 and I used to run baked roms on it without any trouble, but things might be different with the Rpi. Anyway based on some youtube videos it seems achieving a pretty ok performance is possible with...
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    Scratching my head - getting Apple music to HiFi

    I managed to set this up and get sound through the 3.5 onboard jack. The usb-sound output didn't work out of the box, probably this can be done as some people are using their android phones with external DACs. Anyway this LinageOS build doesn't support it and there aren't many Android builds...
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    Scratching my head - getting Apple music to HiFi

    I have an idea that needs to be verified, but it cost approximately the same as buying some adapters (I have a spare Raspberry here, so I only need a little time to mess with it :)): Run a Raspberry with Android, install Apple Music, check if one of the Android EQs listed in this forum works...
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