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    AOSHIDA SMSL C200 Review (DAC & Amp)

    I second this or a DAP just to expand their market. It's already know they can make a well engineered DAC/Amp at affordable prices. It's just that I see no reason for me to upgrade to a new product if I already have bought an older model made from the past couple years. The new products/...
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    New Matrix Audio Element X2, M2 and i2 Music Streamers - Headphones Amps!!

    For the same reason I got the Element I. Managed to get the demo unit from my local audio shop at a good discounted price. IMO if you can still get the Element I it's the way to go instead of element I2. Unless you want the newer look and the bigger,nicer LCD screen of the I2. Sonically...
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    Sabaj A10d 2022 Version Review (DAC & Amp)

    There is no point achieving higher sinad nowadays, my money goes to anyone who can build an all in one device that you can use at any use case conceivable and not worrying about affecting sound fidelity. I am looking at a cheaper MA Element I. Hopefully, when mine dies, there is already one in...
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    Audeze LCD-XC Review (Closed-back Headphone)

    We EQ like they do X-rolling (X being any audio gear like amp,DAC, tube or amp chip).
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    Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed, Aeon 2 Noire and Stealth

    In my experience listening to different headphones over the years, trying them out for a listen is a must. Especially, if you are spending a lot of money. I want to see measurements to make a decision. Amir does more compared to other reviewers than just the FR curve. Evaluating a headphone for...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    : Update Recently added the Audeze LCD-XC 2021 in this list minus the TH-02. I had my sights on Aeon2 Noire. But after spending time with the demo units. the XC won me over. HE-6 will remain in the list of my top favorites but only with limited use case. I have not used the Cascade for a long...
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    Audeze LCD-XC Review (Closed-back Headphone)

    I always like how Audeze headphones sound fuller compared to most headphones especially on the bass. My experience on their headphones (mostly the old models) is that there is always something missing on the upper mids to treble due to dips on that region which is common on their tuning...
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    Audeze LCD-XC Review (Closed-back Headphone)

    I went out to demo the DCA Aeon 2 Noire today. I like the tuning out of the box. Unlike my original Aeon closed, which I had to EQ so i can enjoy listening to a variety of genres in my collection of Music. Unfortunately, there is no stock available and pre-order will take weeks. The guy in the...
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    New Matrix Audio Element X2, M2 and i2 Music Streamers - Headphones Amps!!

    I'm not looking for more power, I actually looked at mini-i Pro3 and it looks similar to Element 2 series except that it has limited streaming capabilities and as you said has a bit more powerful headphone amp and objectively almost similar (output impedance, etc). Unfortunately it is not ideal...
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    New Matrix Audio Element X2, M2 and i2 Music Streamers - Headphones Amps!!

    Just when I'm looking for an all in one box (streamer, DAC, headphone amp) and set on Element I, the 2 series is almost out. How come only the element I is discontinued from the previous generation? Is it just me who thinks the 2 series Elements is a slight regression spec-wise on the headphone...
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    Furutech NCF Clear Line Review (AC Optimizer)

    One thing good about audiophiles is they don't see race or nationality. You just have to believe.
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    Superlux HD387 Review (Budget IEM)

    I wish Amir started early in measuring IEMs. It would have saved me a lot of time/money and making my iem collection way smaller than it is now. From the few iem reviews that Amir have reviewed/mesaure so far, it tells me that distortion is more important measurement than FR. As long as your...
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    JVC HA-SZ1000 Review (Headphone)

    Wow, I think this is the V sound taken to the extreme.
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    Hifiman Edition XS

    Still nobody sending one to Amir for measurements/review?
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    Hifiman Edition XS

    I wish someone has sent one to Amir already for measurements.
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    Topping D90SE Review (Balanced DAC)

    If you are browsing ASR long enough, your should know by now that knowing the DAC chip alone does not tell you anything about how a DAC performs. The OCD in me tells me that D90SE is a great pair for A90 as a desktop setup. They look good together. You have a peace of mind knowing that you can...
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    Geshelli Archel2 Headphone AMP Review: another champ?

    You just joined this forum, so I get that. Sooner or later you need to understand why subjective impression don't hold much water. Otherwise, we are just wasting time and forum space.
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    Geshelli Archel2 Headphone AMP Review: another champ?

    Not much value around here. It's mostly subjective hyperbole. We want to see 2.5 on the bench.
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    ifi micro iUSB3.0 USB Filter Review

    I don't know if it's just me but the first time I see ifi devices it screamed "snake oil" to my face
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    you must not be getting a good seal with MSR7 pad as shown by the drop in bass.
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