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    Canton a55

    Thnx for the input on cantons.
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    Canton a55

    Same with me. We have measurments of Revel 208 by Amir, so no surprise there if i take them. But I am tempted as well by canton A55 offer. Cabinet alone is superbly finished in piano black or white, which has nothing to do with sound ofcourse, but still its nice.
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    Canton a55

    Anyone have experience with canton a55 which is online sales exclusive? It is using tech and drivers from reference k series, and judging by specs it is somewhere between k5 and k3 reference speakers. There is difference in cabinet design, oval for ref series and square for A series, but price...
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    Topping D70s - Skipping / glitching during playback.

    Problem occurs when you play mqa files from tidal. Try to set hifi in tidal and see if problem is still there? Issue is with macbook pro i think when you play mqa files. You can set tidal app to do the first software decoding and than send files to topping.
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    Topping D70s vs SMSL SU-9

    Topping d70s is better dac than those mentioned, that is fact. It works with linux plug and play, no need for new drivers or anything. I use it with volumio (linux), it is flawless. On the other hand i had problems with win 10. So topping on linux gets my recommendation.
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    Topping D70s - Playback goes silent randomly

    Problem is on win on your pc. I had same problem you describe, interruptions when mqa is played. So i tried my second pc, and no problems. Both run win 10, but as you know it is win afterall. So i booted my pc with volumio, the one that was interrupting playback, and was pleasantly surprised how...
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    Tidal connect => volumio on pc => topping d70s via usb => luxman m700u via xlr => elac dbr62 => sooo good ;)
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    What can i say, except thank you Amir. Based on your review i got elac dbr62. To cut the story short, they are exactly as measured and revied. For 500euro i got so much value in return. I could have listened to any sponsored audiophiles and their rants, and i would have goten no value what so...
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