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    Technics SB-C600

    Anyone heard the Technics SB-C600 speakers, announced last Sept? Any measurements?? There was a thread here about the earlier SB-C700, which arguably sounded and measured better than the original KEF LS50s...
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    Recommendation for front firing subwoofer

    I am considering putting a front firing subwoofer *inside* of a media cabinet, paired with bookshelf speakers. I know... it would be better to place the sub in the room, in a corner or near a wall. But... the decision is not only mine. Esthetics are a consideration. (Even so, feel free to tell...
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    Information theory and sound quality

    I was watching Amir's excellent (and long :-) video about how Harman and other sound engineers determine objective and subjective sound quality. I'm pulling out my question to a separate thread because it's a different topic. My question: what causes information *loss* from speakers...
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    Comparing speakers based on measurements like step response

    (Apologies for newbie question!) I'm researching speakers for a possible purchase, and I trust science more than my ears during a 10 min demo at an audio shop. That's led to me spending a lot of time looking at the measurements on sites like Stereophile and SoundStage Network. I feel like I...
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