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    Sony Tapecorder 101 Review (Vintage Reel to Reel)

    LOL I knew there would be a joke item, I've lurked on ASR for years without registering and this article made me register (although I did respond to the Beyer DT-150 review first) Amir overcooked it! My own April fool was a decade or so ago, I spent a whole month (March/April) with an open...
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    Beyerdynamic DT150 Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    The booming bass is definitely a thing, I changed the cups and tamed it. The design is ever so comfortable, I can wear them all day and my ears aren't smoking, nor is my head feeling squashed and I don't feel the need to keep my head dead still and I don't need to keep adjusting them. I guess...
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