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    ELAC DBR-62 Corner Positioning

    My living room is fairly square at 3.8m x 4.2m. At the moment, I have my ELACs sat on the TV cabinet close to the wall and approximately 1.6m apart (centre to centre), while my most common listening position is a little over 3m away, forming a narrow triangle. The system is corrected with DRC...
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    Compact Class D Amp Recommendations For Elac DBR-62

    I've just ordered a pair of ELAC DBR-62 and I'm super excited! I had planned on going for active speakers for the living room to replace my pair of Beoplay S3, but I couldn't find anything I truly wanted. The problem is that I've not got a lot of space for a typically sized hifi amp. I know...
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    My DRC Setup - Am I Doing This Right? + Alternatives

    Hi all, For some years now I've been doing the following to correct my room and speakers: Multiple position measurements in REW using independent left and right sweeps with ECM8000 mic (connection via Citronic CULINK 48V XLR USB interface; I'm looking to replace this) Export individual impulse...
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    Looking for Some Compact Active Speakers for Living Room

    Hey, Here's my current setup: 2 x B&O Beoplay S3 Adire Audio Shiva MK3 sub in ported 93L enclosure w/ 300W Class D amp DRC filter running on Equalizer APO through Topping E30 DAC -> Sub -> Beoplays I'm looking for something to replace the Beoplay S3s. While they sound pretty good when room...
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