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    New Amp needed - 85% Vinyl listening

    Hi there, I need a new Amp, mainly for Vinyl listening. Listening on Triangle Elara LN05 with a Technics 1200 MK5 and AT Stylus. So the Amp hast to have a good phono pre integrated (100-200pf). Budget max 1K Euro. Any ideas?
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    Magnat MA 900 is almost the perfect amp for me but lacks of...

    Hi fellows, found in the MA 900 the almost perfect amp for me, but is has no support for pre or sub out. I love the brushed alu style, bass/mid/treble management and loudness. But maybe I will run a miniDSP in near future, which I can't with this amp, nor can I run a sub. So, what are the...
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