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    Whats noise?

    What's the definition of noise in audio? Is it the random nature, the distribution vs frequency and amplitude, a lack of correlation to the signal?
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    Stereophole error correction and cd tweaks An oldie but a goodie, starts pg80
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    Mobile music upgrades.

    I've lived with an sdxc modded ipod for a number of years via Sony mdr 800 ex St and its been OK. But I fancied a change, the ability to drive balanced and use PEQ. Enter the fiio m15. Sounded a little better than the ipod with no eq, using Oratory's 10 band PEQ with the Sonys was a revelation...
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    Belt up.

    I was sent a tt belt in the post. Squidgy blue slightly narrower and more flexible than linns lp12 belt. It's not sticky but it has adhesion iykwim. I put it on last night, not expecting anything, but subjectively it had a profound effect. Either I'm hearing stuff or this belt has sharpened...
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    Dead macbook pro

    My 2009 17" mbp is finally dead, after 13 years of 24/7 use, a ram upgrade, new battery and ssd it's finally died. I couldn't have be happier with its longevity, cost me about £10 a month overall. But now I need to replace it. I have 600tb of music files in ALAC, maybe 50tb of genuine HD stuff...
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    Why we hear differences when none exist

    Way back when man ( and woman) lived in caves and killed their dinner with sticks, wild animals would occasionally wander into the caves at night. Those who were predisposed to hear noises that didn't exist would occasionally get up to investigate if the noise they thought they heard was a wild...
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    Neurochrome 286 build for a member.

    I've been putting together a 286 build for a member. I'm not a fan of little amp cases, theyre a pain to work in but this one was just on the right side of petite. The cabling looks a bit tight but loop areas are short and all power and signal cable and vertically displaced by more distance...
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    Servicing old gear.

    A while back I thought I'd like a cd transport, and decided to buy an old classic, Audiolab cdm, the original version with cdm 9 Pro mech. I picked one up for £100, gutted it, recapped everything, new belts, drive pulley, drop of oil on the motors, stripped and greased the sled, new bulbs for...
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    New Kuncher paper

    Anyone read the new kuncher aes paper yet? I assume its based on some weird pathological case or otherwise confounding variables in the setup.
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    Audivarna Studio

    Anyone watch the live stream reveal of the new Audivarna? Looks like they've reskinned it and rebuilt a lot of the back end as well as improve the control app. I'm a long time user on mac as it has long been the most stable playback app that handles most file formats and handles auto sample...
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