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    Hypex NC502MP NCore Amplifier 500Wx4 compatability with AVR

    I am curious if my AVR preouts have enough amps/voltage to power my future amp. my AVR is the : Integra DRX 3.4 My amp would be the : VTV AMPLIFIER Four Channel Hypex NC502MP NCore Amplifier 500Wx4 Also, could I use this cable to connect my AVR and Amp ??
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    Does anybody have any experience with the NC502MP amps? I was contemplating buying the VTV 3 channel or Buckeye 3 channel 350x3 (8ohms sounds amazing !!) To buy those amps, would that be a worse decision than a Emotiva Basx A3 or XPA-3 ??
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    ONKYO RZ50 vs integra drx 3.4

    I am pretty new to the Home Theatre world. So my needs are super simple. Movies and video Games I have the following setup: TV: LG CX OLED - CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER Emotiva Airmotiv C2+ $403.85 - Current AVR / RECIEVER Yamaha RX-V681 7.2 Channel $270 - LR SPEAKERS Emotiva Airmotiv...
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    DDRC24 - Dirac + Minidsp

    I have the following setup: CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER - Emotiva Airmotiv C2+ AVR / RECIEVER - Yamaha RX V681 LR SPEAKERS - Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ SUBWOOFERS - SVS PB-1000 Pro x 2 REAR SPEAKERS - NEUMI BS5 DDRC24 Minidsp (with Dirac) & CSL UMIK1 My question is what guide should I...
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    WTB: Measurement Microphone

    Looking to buy a calibrated measurement microphone. I would like a Umik1 or Umik2. But open to all offers.
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    Power / Integrated Amplifier Recommendations

    I want my setup to be a lot more loud. Here is my current setup: CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER: Emotiva Airmotiv C2+ AVR / RECIEVER: Yamaha RX-V681 LR SPEAKERS: Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ SUBWOOFERSSVS: PB-1000 Pro x 2 REAR SPEAKERS: NEUMI BS5 I want to get a amplifier to increase the spl of my...
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    BIC V80 NO sub Output to Yamaha RX-V681

    I am unable to get my SUbwoofer to output from my AVR. I have the BIC V80 Which has a "Line IN' RCA input going into the "Subwoofer Pre OUt 1" on my Yamaha RX-V681. I am using the following RCA cable. I have two of them, I have used both, but I still do not get any bump from my sub. I have NO...
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    Looking to Buy a USED AVR

    Bought a Yamaha TSR-700 /RX V6A for $375 But I read about all the problems this receiver is having. Does anybody have a better AVR than this one. Preferably with: HDMI 2.1 support (Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization and DTS:X Virtulization) Preouts Shipping is to a overseas US military...
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    LOOKING TO BUY : MiniDSP 2x4 HD or MiniDSP DDRC-24

    Does anybody have a used MiniDSP 2x4 HD or MiniDSP DDRC-24 that they are willing to sell ?
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    Fathers Day Gift

    Want to get my father a nice gift. Shipping to the USA. I am going to get him a Sub and a Receiver. Between these subs which would you get for a small to medium sized room. He is not much of a bass head. HSU and Rhythmik are out of the question Price range. Price range - less than $450 FIRM (...
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    2x Sub and Rear Speaker Placement

    Hey. Can anyone give me some opinions on where I should place my 2x SVS PB-1000 Pro's and my rear speakers 2x Neumi BS5. I will set my rear channels underneath my TV. Above my Standing desk Computer stand. I know I will have to test it, but where is a good starting point. I bought some wall...
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    DUAL SVS PB-1000 PROS VS ???

    Here is my setup: CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER - Emotiva Airmotiv C1+ $250.00 AVR / RECIEVER - Yamaha RX-V681 7.2 Channel $270 FRONT SPEAKERS - JBL A130 $250.00 REAR SPEAKERS - Polk Audio - Signature Series S15 $175 I have an irregular-spaced room. (Living room...
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    HSU VTF-2 MK5 VS Rythmik LV12F VS SVS PB-1000 Pro

    Hey, I am completely new to this sub and hobby. I just bought a LG CX 77" ($2250) I want to buy once and cry once. My setup so far: Emotiva Airmotiv C1+ - $250 JBL Stage A130 - $250 Yamaha RX-V681 7.2 - $270 I just need a subwoofer. I have an irregular open space. My living room bleeds...
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    JBL A130 VS Infinity Reference 162

    Just curious if anyone has had the chance to compare these two ? I can get the JBLs for $250 and the Infinity's R162 for about $346 I have an irregular open space living room. I will be pairing it with a : Emotiva Airmotiv C1+ - $250 I am contemplating the: SVS PB-1000 Pro or the...
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