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    Why the market do not move into external active design?

    That's it, why? External DSP, power amps.. should be even cheaper and better Modify already pasive speakers should be very hard for the owners? Speaker industry its kind of lazy... and yet very expensive... The old folks don't even wanna change their speakers because of the industry...
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    Heco Celan Revolution

    Looks like a fine price for each speaker, but how the heco Celan R. line measures? 2.199,00 € each
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    New Audiophysic medeos New Hi-End 5-way

    A new big boy from Audiophysic *A bit of camera distortion*
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    Cabasse wireless

    Well, cabasse also launch a wireless thing 1899 USD CABASSE THE PEARL AKOYA WIRELESS ACTIVE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Sound Level 115 dB mono 121 dB in stereo Bandwidth 30 – 27 000 Hz Drivers Medium-tweeter 13 cm/5″ coaxial BCI Woofer 17 cm/7″ HELD Tweeter 300 W RMS / 600 W peak Medium...
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    Elac concentro S503 bookshelf

    Elac launched an expensive speaker I'm not sure about his price. 3 way coaxial but with jet driver from elac :p 2 mar 2022
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    Driver movement

    I have a question about the '' speed '' of a driver. In theory a driver who can do 50 - 400hz mean the driver is not slowly enough to create these frequency. But what about the time that the driver take to complete stop and then create the new wavelenght? For example if the driver needs to...
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    Worth the time listening a speaker in a room with bad acoustics?

    I has been correct in my room a courple speaker that I own, but the difference it's remarkable when you correct the woofer in-room interaction, why these enhancements / in-room gain in bass, are so bad? Even a ''in-room enhancement'' in a X frequency of +2dB can transform the sound into a very...
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    Aprerion audio Super tweete speakers

    A guy in youtube showing these speakers, the speakers have 5 present crossover point and can be used from 8khz up to 40khz..
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    Vertical Toe-in, tweeter below ear level

    Hey hello i have a pair of Kef R7, but i don't have the coaxial at ear level, in fact i have the top woofer at ear level, my questioning is if i '' toe '' the speaker but vertically? A few centimers for get the coaxial at ear level will improve the sound? I mean i the front spikes i have 2...
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    Apo EQ red clipping

    Hey hello what sounds like when the apo mark the Red color? I mean with -1.5dB i dont' get thet clipping, but with -1dB yes. What its the difference? but with -2dB its completely gone This is not my EQ but you can see below the red clipping
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    Weight in the sound.

    i upgrade my bookshelf in my smalish room to a mid size floorstander... i couldn't be more happy. im using a bit of room correction and the '' O '' foam in both bass ports. But there are few thing that i notice, first the floorstander seems to have unlimited spl or something like that, much...
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    i catch a cold

    hey hello How a cold can change how i do hear? I mean, im hearing my speakers with dark sounding and without bass xD, it that possible? i feel like i turn up the volume and the speakers still sound weak or something like that
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    kef r7 in small room

    Hey hello Im very interested in kef r7's for my small room My plan is set those at 20cm from the wall, 1.7 meters of each other and 47cm for the left and right wall's, the distance between me and the speakers 1.5 meters Its fine or its too much? im in love with these r7's im gonna EQ the...
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    ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UFR52 TOWER

    Elac launch a new tower UFR52 3 x 5.25'' woofers FREQUENCY RESPONSE 40Hz—35000Hz Not to much information
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    Hello I start another thread for talk about these spekers, i found these impresive in his fr, they claim MISSION ZX-4 : Frequency Response(+/-3dB) 40Hz ~ 24kHz Bass Extension(-6dB) 35hz This speaker use 2 x 5.25'' woofers but the speakers have a bass extension : (-3db) 40hz / (-6db) 35hz ?, its...
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    dali opticon mk2

    Hey hello These speakers looks interesting and well priced But i can't find measurements or something like that... dali said to me when i asked for distortion measurements '' The impedance curve I have send you is all I can give you. '' I prefer to see the measurements before speak about the...
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    whaferdale evo 4.3

    Hey hello. In my country wf evo have a nice price tag, and the construccion seems to be good, only the spikes are made of plastic ?, well. But my queston is, it's worth an upgrade going to kef r3 -> to wf evo 4.3 in a small room ?, 5.25'' x2 + bigger cab or 6.5'' from my bokshelf?, are they...
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    Speaker overload question

    Hey hello I have a pair of r300, they doesn't give too much spl as R3, i usually listen nearly to the max volume, but sometimes i hear the woofer making the sound of a woofer being overloaded ( because i don't pass the limit too much i hear sometimes the woofer making that weird sound but when i...
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    Nord return policy (?)

    I'm about to cancel a tube amplifier order, but i saw Nord have a return policy... they say '' We provide a 2 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee. We will refund the original amount paid on all Nord branded products. '', im from latam So they gonna back all the money include the...
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