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    Any idea about a +5VDC very low noise psu that could be used with a dac ?

    Hi ! i am playing with the SMSL Sanskrit 10th dac that i like a lot. I have the feeling that it can sound better when powered with a dedicate psu instead of relying on usb bus power even if it is enough for the job (i think the dac needs 300mA at 5V ?) There are other very high quality...
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    DACs and midrange performance (i.e. voices playback)

    Hi ! sorry for my ramblings ... but yesterday i was listening to my old Benchmark dac 1 (the very first edition) to this cd what a beauty of cd track .... amazing indeed. maybe it is the lockdown .... but i found the quality of the recorded singer's voice even moving for realism and...
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    A good and cheap solution for a remote controlled volume.

    Hi ! i am looking for a device that lets me control the volume of amps without this feature (unbalanced inputs). I do not need any gain at all ... i was watching this one :rolleyes: I really need a remote control volume control badly...
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    Live vs. recorder

    Hi ! i found this very interesting video listen towards the end of the video the opinions of the listeners People that had a bad place in the concert hall liked better the reproduced sound ... what i find fascinating is that in some situations the recorded sound can be better than the...
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