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    NUC8i3BEH selling to EU

    im selling my very little used NUC8i3BEH, (around like 24 hours total use) with the box and 256GB ssd, and 8gb ram. NUC8i3BEH: Ram type: DDR4, Memory freq.: 2400, Graphics card: integrated, Bluetooth: yes. Connections: USB 3.0 - 4 pcs, USB 2.0 - 2 pcs. on motherboard. Included: SSD...
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    Selling almost brand new Soncoz SGD-1 (EU)

    Hi, i decided to sell my Soncoz SGD-1 DAC, i purchased few months ago. nothing wrong with it, just not listening to music that much as i thought. I would only ship to EU, i figure shipping would be around 40 eur (with tracking and transport insurance) so with shipping in Europe, asking price...
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