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    Harman Kardon Citation 100 MKII, 300

    I am interested to purchase a small ambiental AirPlay ready speaker, with a decent design in order to play AppleMusic in kitchen or in a room. I was thinking about Citation 100 MKII or maybe Citation 300. Any users here having these models able to share some pro/cons? Thanks,
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    iPhone SE (2020) no audio signal output

    I have tried to connect this iPhone SE (2020), using lightning > USB B > DAC and there is no signal output when I play a song from Apple Music. The same setup using an iPad Air 4 (2020), a cable USB C > USB B > DAC, it works like a charm. Any hint to make the iPhone work? I've tried to...
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    USB to SPDIF converter for Apple Music / DSD

    Hi, I've read lately about USB to SPDIF converters. I also have found here on this forum and in other sources a few posts related. For those who already use a Douk U2 or U2 Pro USB to SPDIF converter, would you please share with me, -Using the Apple Music app, Hi Res files 24/192 > iPhone...
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    WXC-50 DSP settings via Coax

    Hi, @Yamaha WXC-50 users. Would you please have a look and share with me this info, Having the unit in Preamp mode, Direct mode OFF, feeding a DAC or AMP using the Coax output, specially for those with older software / firmware versions, you'll be still able to use the Bass Extension, the...
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    iPad Air 4 wall mount wireless fast charging

    Hello there, I am interested to know, if there is a limitation in using a wirelessly charger receiver with the iPad Air 4 which is not prepared in this way by default, if there is any solution available on the market (I'm not sure yet, l'll search to find out). The second question related, any...
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    AirPlay Hi-Res alternative (wireless)

    Hi, As far as I’ve read in other sources, there could be an alternative to AirPlay and usb cables, using NePlayer which is able to run Apple Music, streaming Hi-Res via DLNA. Please correct me if i’m wrong. I have a Yamaha WXC-50 streamer which is DLNA ready. Before purchasing the app (only pro...
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    AirPlay issue - skipping first seconds of songs

    Hi, I noticed the above mentioned issue lately, playing Apple Music through AirPlay1. What I've done so far without positive results: Restart - iPhone, router, streamer. Disable Bluetooth and Siri. Apple Music - Offload App, Delete App, Reinstall. Album downloaded locally on the phone. and...
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    WXC-50 + Denafrips Ares II, DSD playback

    Hi, I have this Yamaha WXC-50 streamer and the Ares II is on the way. Regarding the DSD playback, as I've read in the streamer's manual (page 12/48), the signals are not output through the coax. Also, there is no USB Out to reach the USB In port of the Ares II. In these conditions, any...
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