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    Which Genelecs would you pair with the 8341A for surrounds

    Aside from more Ones which would burn a hole in my wallet in short order, which Genelecs would you denizens of ASR recommend as rear surrounds for a pair of 8341As in a small room? Primary use case would be upmixing and ambience recovery.
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    Is there such thing as an absorbing/diffusive door?

    One of the non-idealities in my room is that of a hollow-core door located in the right rear corner. Obviously, we can't go getting rid of the doors to our rooms. But I also can't mount a panel on it because it needs space to open and close. I already know that solid-core (or even heavier) doors...
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    Obtaining the MA-1 calibration file without connecting Neumann Monitors

    Does anyone know if it's possible to obtain the calibration file for an MA-1 microphone without connecting monitors to the LAN? I wanted to use this mic independently because it is quite good, but the damned software requires you to connect to the monitors before it lets you enter a calibration...
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    How tactile is a sub supposed to be?

    I'm curious how intense subwoofer tactility is supposed to be and if it only occurs at dangerously high volumes. I do most of my listening in ultra-nearfield with two Genelec 8341s and a 7360 practically at my feet. I keep the volume to just under 80db usually (allowing for transients) and have...
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    Gullfoss dynamic EQ

    Has anyone given this a try? It's primarily aimed at producers but I've heard surprisingly good results using this for my library. It's a live algorithmic EQ (not ML nonsense) built around two adjustable parameters Recover and Tame. Recover attempts to retrieve detail by increasing the...
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