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    Which Genelecs would you pair with the 8341A for surrounds

    Aside from more Ones which would burn a hole in my wallet in short order, which Genelecs would you denizens of ASR recommend as rear surrounds for a pair of 8341As in a small room? Primary use case would be upmixing and ambience recovery.
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    Vacuum Insulated Window Glass

    It's a 30 year old or so small British house with pretty poor ventilation, no fancy A/C or central ventilation systems. I would love to get a vent for my listening room at least so I don't have to deal with the increased noise floor but I'm not sure of the cost or considerations of doing it yet.
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    Vacuum Insulated Window Glass

    Unfortunately, this is all a bit useless to me as air quality is important so I always have a window open. Otherwise I get CO2 levels in excess of 2000 ppm.
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    BACCH4Mac Pro Edition: a report

    Has anyone tried this demo: I'm using the Genelec 8341A in ultra nearfield which are already beastly good at imaging with Bacch bypassed in my treated room. But the difference with Bacch is quite profound. I have pretty good XTC levels (13 db average and decent channel matching) and with Bacch...
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    Is Crypto Dead?

    Does a bear market mean said market is dead? Depends on who you ask.
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    BACCH4Mac Pro Edition - For those considering BACCH

    My setup is specifically a PC centric desktop one, so I simply route all my Windows audio through to my Mac which acts as a slave machine and I don't use it for any audio playback. For viewing the Mac screen I have it plugged into my monitor's second input and I also use an RDP application from...
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    Experience with separate super-tweeters?

    If you want your pets to enjoy the music as well then perhaps.
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    BACCH4Mac Pro Edition - For those considering BACCH

    I have three bins in the audiophile edition. You can load each bin with u-bacch, h-bacch or head tracking + h-bacch filters. I think you can store a separate head-tracked and non-head tracked filter in each one. I don't think there's a built-in way to export individual filter measurements, but...
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    What makes a pair of headphones have great "slam" and "impact" in sound?

    Do you wear glasses or have long hair by any chance? Audeze being planars have exceptional leakage tolerance.
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    Is there a better bass option?

    The room response at the listening position(s). Also 200hz crossover suggests to me they don't integrate very well, no offense.
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    Is there a better bass option?

    Have you measured them? Do they integrate well with the speakers?
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    DSP FX

    Sounds like you've made a Haas kicker.
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    DSP FX

    Nice find, this reverb is actually not bad.
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    Room Measurement

    May I ask what the purpose of MMM is when you can average single point measurements and slap on var or ERB smoothing to get basically the same result (speaker curve looks the same as anechoic performance above 1khz or so). Unless you god forbid want to make high q corrections above the...
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    Good value monitors for precise classical music listening

    If you want "precise classical listening" and are as serious as your OP suggests, you should be considering the room just as much as the speakers. You will need to heavily attenuate all the specular reflections and make sure reverb times are well controlled to avoid introducing your own room...
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    What is a nice tea to drink?

    After years of drinking various bagged teas, I've settled on fairly "high-end" loose-leaf white and green teas. White tea definitely has the most unique taste.
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    Planning room treatment

    Please purchase the speakers and a calibrated measurement microphone before deciding on any treatments. Take measurements, most definitely do your own listening, use REW or GLM Grade report to discover the problems with your room, then decide your approach.
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    Is there such thing as an absorbing/diffusive door?

    One of the non-idealities in my room is that of a hollow-core door located in the right rear corner. Obviously, we can't go getting rid of the doors to our rooms. But I also can't mount a panel on it because it needs space to open and close. I already know that solid-core (or even heavier) doors...
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    Wow! Genelec GRADE looks amazingly useful

    REW already gives you everything you need and more, it just requires you to look for it in the measurements.
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    Wow! Genelec GRADE looks amazingly useful

    It's a pretty neat tool. Right channel is very problematic relative to the left due to the asymmetry of my room. I was thinking of trying to squeeze a thick freestanding absorber behind it. Also GLM treble measurements are still all sorts of screwed compared to what I see in REW with Neumann...
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