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    Sealed smaller subs better for music?

    Is there any science or consensus to this statement to support it? Larger diameter ported subs seems to be marketed towards home theatre crowd (understandably so) but are hifi music people loosing out on anything assuming with them?
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    [EU] Rega Planar 1 - still the go-to beginner "decent" table?

    Just wondering if can do better than the Rega Planar 1 turntable for around €300 for those chasing sound quality? (when paired with something like the ART DJ Pre II). I appreciate the AudioTechnics are more feature packed and the new Monoprice table looks competitive also, but am chasing best...
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    Measurement Microphones - what is the consensus?

    Given this is a forum passionate about measurements, and seems to be more in favour of DSP and room correction methods than other pockets of the internet, I can't find a whole lot about measurement/calibration microphones. For the average home enthusiast looking to optimise their set-up...
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    Thoughts on this stereo set-up, can I do better?

    Been doing a lot of research and reading with great help of this forum, so thank you. I am about to go ahead with my first serious system and appreciate if anyone has any feedback on the below or suggestions how to get more bang for buck. Some notes/context: 80%+ music listening...
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    The science - big speaker, small room

    I'm still struggling to find a good (objective) explanation of how big speaker in small room is an issue. The best I can find is for equivalent quality/engineered speakers, large speakers will have better (lower) bass extension, and these lower frequencies are harder to control, especially in a...
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    Advice on these set-ups?

    While I have good with headphones and basic bookshelf set-ups, I now want to get into a proper floorstanding set-up and weighing up the following options. Welcome if anyone has any feedback or opinions on the below options. I am set on the Focal Aria range and they are reported as been to hard...
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    Focal Aria floorstander owners?

    Hi all, I was wondering if there are any owners or people who have experienced testing some of the Focal Aria floorstander range? The 906 bookshelf are very well regarded but floorstanders not as common. There does not seem to be a lot of information on these on english based forums, and I...
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