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  1. edahl

    Moondrop Variations

    Am I missing something or are these simply the best tuned IEM to date? The lower midrange "dip" makes this the cleanest sound I've heard of any headphone or in-ear.
  2. edahl

    WTB: Moondrop Variations

    Live in Norway.
  3. edahl

    What's the best measuring rig you can make at home?

    One of the least accessible things in headphones is the ability to do measurements. I see parts around AliExpress etc., but has anyone explored the how and what of how to build something decent without a second mortage?
  4. edahl

    Sennheiser Momentum 3 TWS

    New Sennheiser TWS. @SennheiserUSA on Twitter confirmed it uses the same "TrueResponse" 7mm drivers used by IE600 and IE900. Having lost my WF-1000XM4, I'm eyeing these.
  5. edahl

    Susvara vs HE1000se (vs Stealth)

    Anyone with experience with 2-3 of these with care to share their experience? Obviously Stealth has hardly reached consumers, but I'm considering upgrading my HE1000se to Susvara, selling them for Stealth, or just keeping them and maybe getting the Stealth down the line for a totl closed back :)
  6. edahl

    Best true wireless? (or value IEM)

    I'm considering a pair of true wireless earbuds for commuting. What would you get? Looking at the Sony WF-1000XM4, the Sennheiser Momentum 2 True Wireless and the Spark in particular. Alternatively, since I have a bluetooth dongle, what's a decent IEM in the same price range as a decent tw bud...
  7. edahl

    HE1000 Eq

    Anyone run the HE1000 (v1) here? I got a used pair trying to dial in my RME ADI-2 DAC FS EQ profile. What are you running? Overall I think the stock tonality is pretty good coming from the HD800S, but the treble is a bit loose and tinny and vocals could use some help to really come to the fore...
  8. edahl

    Desktop speakers with a 32:9 monitor

    I'm looking for desktop speakers, but since I use a super ultrawide, and it's not really possible for me to put the speakers to the right and left of the monitor, they have to be below it. Came across the Vanatoo Transparent Zero, which might be able to fit pretty well, but they don't seem...
  9. edahl

    Abyss and cables

  10. edahl

    Entropy and information; the devil and details

    I'm interested in what "detail" is in sound reproduction. On the one hand there's a qualitative and subjective aspect to it, but what interests me right now is how it might relate to something measurable. One candidate is that detail should relate to information retention (inversely, entropy)...
  11. edahl

    Headphone DAC/AMPs with PC input channels via USB

    Where audio interfaces can double as DACs for headphone amps via line outputs, I wonder if any DACs or DAC/AMPs intended for head-fi double as input channels on a connected PC via USB, e.g., such that an optical in on the DAC becomes visible as an input channel on PC, letting you record audio by...
  12. edahl

    RME ADI-2 AD/DC Converter

    I'm considering a nice deal on an "old-school" RME ADI-2 AD/DC Converter to replace my Focusrite 2i2 AD/DC. Anyone know anything about it and how it compares to modern alternatives? Alternatively, I could use a separate DAC alongside my interface. What should...
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