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  1. decoRyder

    Odd problem with the SMSL DA-9 Amplifier

    I got this amp not too long ago, and I think it's a great amp for the money. However, when I connect it throughput on my powerline ethernet will drop by about 75%, and the powerline ethernet adapters will frequently lose connectivity to other adapters and re-initiate the handshake process. The...
  2. decoRyder

    NCORE MP Build using Ghentaudio Kit.

    Just thought I'd post this in case anyone is wondering how hard or easy it is to build an NCORE amp using a pre-made kit. I used the Ghentaudio NCORE 122/252 MP kit, and using the kit it was really easy to put together the amp. I discarded the XLR inputs, and used the grounded RCA setup...
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