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    MOON Is launching its first ever loudspeaker, The MOON VOICE 22

    Didn't saw this coming but it can be the start of a nice adventure in the speakers world. Design features 2-way loudspeakers. The tweeter has a 29mm dome textile membrane and a large surround designed to work without a typical front plate, and is integrated into a custom waveguide, permitting a...
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    B&W 804 D4 review and measurements by Stereophile

    Courtesy to mr. John Atkinson and Stereophile we have the measurements of the new 804 D4. For many this speakers could be the best bang for buck in the 800 D4 series and the one with the most upgrades compared with the older model (reverse wrap cabinet; down fire port + plinth, new spider for...
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    Kef to announce new products?

    Kef just posted on their Facebook page that in October, to celebrate their 60 years anniversary, exciting things will follow. Maybe the Reference Meta or who knows what goodies are prepared for us.
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