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    Binaural blind comparison test of 4 loudspeakers - II

    Since the discussion on the last vote about the sound quality of speakers via binaural recordings was so harmonious, I thought it would be a good idea to repeat the whole thing with other binaural recordings of speakers. And that's why I just plagiarized the thread title (and more) from @thewas...
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    Live on the Rooftop - Elbphilharmonie Sessions

    The production quality of this live session and the setting is so unique that you should definitely check it out. If you don't like the music, jump ahead to the last track, where the ambience changes due to the evening atmosphere.
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    Danley Sound Labs SH50

    @hardisj (erinsaudiocorner) measured the SH50 from Danley Sound Labs with his Klippel NFS. All credit for the measurements goes to @hardisj UPDATE: I was contacted by a forum member if I am somehow in contact with Erin or acting on his behalf - given the tensions between Erin and Amir. This is...
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    An obscene surname

    Full article here Whether the letter is a fake or not, both are a bit funny.
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    Crossover filter - Effects on the vertical radiation

    What is usually neglected in many considerations of crossover filters are the effects on vertical radiation. Since most loudspeaker designs, apart from coaxial designs, use vertically offset sound sources, a typical case will be examined here. I did not want to use point sources, but still...
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    An asparagus monument

    In the city of Torgau (Germany), a monument to asparagus was erected on the market square. I'm totally happy that someone had the balls to give asparagus the recognition it deserves. Video source here. .
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    New Record Day - Binaural Shootout (Revel, Klipsch, Spatial, Q Acoustics)

    Okay, admittedly I find binaural speaker comparisons cool - if the original source is also available. What I particularly like is that Ron makes the recordings in a still "normal" listening room (the room has been slightly optimized). The problem with binaural recordings is that you don't have...
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    Mixed Front and Center speaker - Not a good idea!

    As @amirm and @hardisj measure more and more center speakers and speakers that are potentially suitable for this, people want to mix them with their existing front speakers. So it's time to take a closer look at the facts. I am sure that many of you have already read somewhere that front and...
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    Campaign for compliance with the Coronavirus rules is not well received everywhere

    The new campaign of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics to comply with the Corona rules is being hotly debated in the social media. Berlin's mayor Müller is stunned by a poster showing a senior citizen giving the middle finger. Now the campaign is to be cancelled completely. Source...
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    Different Binding Posts - is it audible?

    The influence of BP on the sound of loudspeakers has often been controversially discussed. It even goes so far that individual voices describe the influence of binding posts as immense and recommend only very high-quality BPs - That made me curious. The full mini series...
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    Monophonic vs. Stereophonic - Timbre change?

    I think it is worth to discuss this topic in more detail, because among others @amirm's subjective ratings and the Harman-Olive score are based on monophonic listening. In the course of the discussion about a "blind-test preparation", I have described what difference it makes, in my experience...
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    Speaker Resonances - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Since the topic of evaluating resonances has been mentioned several times in @amirm's reviews, here is an attempt at a comparative analysis of different resonances in loudspeakers. For this purpose the measurements of the following loudspeakers are compared: focal-aria-906 buchardt-s400...
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    Capacitor upgrade in crossover - You CAN'T handle the TRUTH! - Part 3

    So, after the topic capacitor upgrade has already been discussed by me in two parts, there is no reason to talk about it anymore - or is there? The full mini series: Capacitor upgrade in crossover - Is it audible? Capacitor upgrade - part two Capacitor upgrade - part three...
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    Capacitor upgrade in crossover - Is it audible? - Part 2

    Here is the second part on the topic "Capacitor upgrade in crossover - Is it audible? This time it is exclusively about the measurable differences of electrolytic capacitors with film capacitors in crossovers of loudspeakers. The first part about film capacitors can be found here and who likes...
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    Capacitor upgrade in crossover - Is it audible?

    As the topics "capacitor upgrade" and therefore "capacitor sound" is very controversial, the test method and its results are explained in detail. This cannot be dealt with in one minute. Sorry for this and I hope your attention span is still sufficient to read through a long text - whereby the...
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    Replace resistor by low-inductance resistor - Is it audible?

    Since it is often claimed here in the forum that replacing cheap sand-cast resistors with low-inductance resistors would lead to clearly audible improvements, and since it's no use pointing out that the sound change (unless it's completely imagined) is very likely due to slight deviations in the...
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    Speaker measurements with systematic measurement error

    This may seem a bit pushy, especially since I said in another post to let things rest, I must admit to being a nerd when it comes to measurements. Thanks to the normalized measurement diagrams of user MZKM it can be shown that at least in the range of 5kHz to 10kHz a systematic measurement...
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    Loudspeaker measurement precision - What to aim for?

    What accuracy should be aimed for when measuring loudspeakers with the Klippel NFS? The Klippel NFS specification claims +-0.1dB tolerance in direction of of max SPL, which is really impressive. But only if as many test objects as possible are measured and checked against other sources it's...
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