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  1. mkt

    Sound blocks from GIK

    New from GIK. 23" x 23" x 10.5". Thick
  2. mkt


    "About the size of a typical conference room, the PinDrop has no windows and two giant flat-screen televisions against one wall, giving it serious Situation Room vibes. And it is, quite literally, suspended in space. The floor floats, set atop isolation blocks. The Sheetrock ceiling is hung from...
  3. mkt

    Level meters for Mac

    Any suggestions for multichannel (5.1) level meters? I like to see the levels of the various channels. I was using a Roland Octa-Capture which had a nice control panel and have switched to an Okto Pro. Thanks! EDIT: I guess looking at the GLM grid in info mode does give indication of the level...
  4. mkt

    GLM 4?

    “To prepare for the official launch of Genelec’s new GLM 4 loudspeaker manager software ...” Any other news/info on this?
  5. mkt

    Genelec REW distortion measurements: something wrong?

    I recently bought a demo pair of Genelec 8331's. Do the distortion measurements for the left one look funny? Factory settings. The crossovers are at 500Hz and 3000Hz. I also noticed that GLM was trying to fix more with left one (and with less success) than the right. Thanks in advance for...
  6. mkt

    Multichannel question -- what is this even called?

    "Any avid reader of Audio Science Review knows that we are disappointed with the objective measurements of today's home theater receivers and surround processors." It would seem that a 5.1 setup like this (5 active...
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