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  1. M00ndancer

    Upgrading from a Nikon D90 to a Nikon D500 makes a difference.

    Sold some old gear (including my D90) and got me a Nikon D500. This baby will last me at least 20 years. What's better? Everything... AF points 11 vs 153 ISO performance, usable in my case from 800 to at least 6400 (4 stops) Burst rate 4.5 vs 10 Buffer 9 vs 37 on a SDXC card Shot per battery...
  2. M00ndancer

    YouTube and YouTube Music, codecs and bit-rates used on Windows 10 and Android 10 Phones

    In a previous post here on ASR there was a discussion about lossless vs lossy bit-rate in audio. Some of us only listen music using lossless codecs and others like myself listen to both lossless and lossy codecs. So I got curious, what does YT Premium and YTM Premium actually use? Some formats...
  3. M00ndancer

    Cheap DAC/AMP with analogue inputs and low impedance headphone jack?

    Hi, Today I have a HAD-1 DAC/AMP and I don't like the high impedance headphone output with no gain switch. Making it hard to use low impedance gear. That's the only "bad" thing about the HAD-1 (except mediocre specs, but that doesn't bother me) Are there any "cheap" DAC/preamp/headphoneamp like...
  4. M00ndancer

    Swissonic HAD-1 DAC/AMP subjective test and a look inside

    Hi! First post here... This is a combination of the posts I made on r/headphone, the response was "cute", "nice looking" but no real feedback. I've been lurking for a while and thought I could contribute to the low-end amp/dac discussion. As I live in Sweden we have a lot of taxes and fees to...
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