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    JBL Stage 125C Review (Center Speaker)

    Please help me understand if the JBL Stage 125 Center will make sense for me. There was mention in amirm's review that it may work well in a vertical orientation. I have Audyssey room correction to help out. Because of the price I am thinking of buying 3 of these and using them LCR. I think...
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    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    I had a feeling it was right in front of my face. It was so easy it was hard. Thank-you everyone!
  3. Beer Budget

    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    Where do I find the Sensitivity spec? I always have trouble finding sensitivity specs in all of the reviews.
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    Andrew Jones out at ELAC!

    I would love to see a diy from him, internet direct.
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    Elac Uni-Fi 2.0 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    ASR - My hat is off to Amir, his testing, his graphs, his website, his dedication, his selflessness. Thank you for providing your expertise and professionalism, and using it to better the industry of audio. Imo, audio is similar to coffee, it can be the link that unites all humans of the...
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