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  1. Colonel7

    Boise Boomer - 8" sealed sub with REL magic?

    Ok, I admit that is a clickbait title (and poking at REL) but there is a reason for it that I'll address sometime in the future. This is the Boise Boomer, an 8" Peerless 830667 sealed in the new and slightly improved 1.17 cubic ft. drum table with the sub downfiring--you may remember its larger...
  2. Colonel7

    Crab Pot Sealed Subwoofer

    Not really a crab pot - name just came to me from the shape and the fabric my wife picked out. And we don't use pots in Maryland but I digress. This is a down-sized sonosub that I finished to be a presentable table. It's ~1.2 cubic feet stuffed with a pound of polyfill. The driver is a...
  3. Colonel7

    Capital Audiofest -November 5th to 7th

    Visited the site again recently and there are a number of manufacturers added. See this brands link for confirmed exhibitors. Excited about this because a few weeks back Philarmonic was one of the only ones listed, and I would have gone anyway just to hear Dennis Murphy's BMRs. Now includes...
  4. Colonel7

    Elac Anericas Price Increase 8/15

    Got this email today from Elac In recent months, the cost for us to get our products to you has increased 400 - 500%. On August 15th at 12:01 am EST, we will be raising our prices on all of our speakers. Until then, you will be able to purchase our products online or at a...
  5. Colonel7

    FS or Trade: Wharfedale 225s

    $200 cash - pick-up only in Maryland-DC-Balt metro, zip 21035. For trade will accept $125 and a UMIK-1 with cal file, or $100 and a DATS v3. Barely used, great condition value set of 6.5 inchers bought in 2020 right before COVID. Big brothers of the Diamond 220s that Amir tested and...
  6. Colonel7

    New Dayton Epique Drivers

    These are available for pre-order. Another interesting design entrant into small box, low sensitivity, high xmax, and low Fs. The smaller driver looks like same 2-way use case as the smaller Purifi driver. @hardisj any thoughts on getting these in on the Klippel? @Rick Sykora maybe an...
  7. Colonel7

    MiniDSP 10x10 for active crossovers and AVR - connection options?

    I've been working on putting together a design for a DIY 5.2-4 (2 to 4 subs) system. I'm still considering whether to use active crossovers for the speakers or go with my original plan which was to do typical passive crossover design. Of late the active idea hooked me after seeing others do it...
  8. Colonel7

    3-Way Center Channel Only Solution?

    I have a large family room that is completely open on one side to a kitchen and dining area (layout below). When we bought the place it needed a lot of work so our tv and entertainment solution was to grab a reasonably priced 55" tv and throw a lousy soundbar and wee woofer combo in the cart on...
  9. Colonel7

    So what audio did you get for Christmas?

    I was very pleasantly surprised to get a couple heavy boxes that turned out to be DIY C-notes and 2 amplifier boards to put together. Definitely helped that my 9-year old expressed an interest in helping what dad has been doing in the basement.
  10. Colonel7

    Best audio advance in last decade?

    Interested to hear what members think on this. As someone without a system for 25 years and just dipping my toes in again, I learn new things every day from this site--many of which seem to have occurred or at least come down greatly in price or availability or ease of use only recently. So...
  11. Colonel7

    Some things to know about ASR and the Objectivity vs. Subjectivity trap

    I've noticed of late that a number of threads devolve quickly into objectivist versus subjectivist name-calling or strawmen. This often happens when someone new gets on the site. Some things for all to consider but especially new folks. This is Audio Science Review. The name has meaning...
  12. Colonel7

    Have you listened to great measuring speakers?

    In spending time at ASR since the beginning of the year it's occurred to me I've never listened to "top panther" speakers that measure well and are flat along the axis. I was looking forward this year to getting to some shows to listen and get some exposure after not being in the hobby for 25...
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