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    LG’s 97-inch Vibrating OLED TV Claims To Offer 5.1 Audio Without Speakers As always LG making stuff that leaves people scratching their heads. Yet things like OLED desktop monitors with high refresh rates that many consumers have been begging for for...
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    What is this new forum layout? Test.

    Yay or Nay?
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    Apple mostly wins in Epic Games Fortnite trial, but must ease payment rules. Most of the case is clear, except one portion. Any lawyers in the house willing to clear up one legal thing I can't wrap my mind around. It seems Epic has been found in violation of an (illegal)...
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    Anyone able to ABX MQA audio, through an MQA certified DAC V.S. similar performing DAC without MQA?

    I understand without the full unfolding process, you're not being given access to the "full" file itself supposedly, and are getting virtually less than CD quality in term of bit depth from the audio being played. But as dumb as MQA may be, I was looking at people asking whether the D90 is...
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    Anyone actually have volume output set to 2V (or even 4V+) when listening to headphones?

    I get that you don't get 4W of power produced out of the headphone for example due to efficiency and resistances, but.. I have no issues taking HD650's or HD800's and having them run out of the IEM port on an RME DAC (this doesn't get me to 2mW on a 300ohm load according to the review of the...
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    42 Audio Illusions & Phenomena!

    (5 Part series, worth a watch, Part 2 especially)
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    Sony A1 (alpha 1) 30 stills per second, 50MP, 8K Video, 4K 120FPS, 10-bit, $6,500

    Anyone got any thoughts on it? The specs are staggeringly good with seemingly very little downside aside from price. A rare case where the jack of all trades seems to be killing it on all cylinders. Not any real reviews of the camera yet (even with embargo lift, Sony gave very little time for...
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    I think amir posted a video of some company making ultra sensative microphones. Anyone know what company that was?

    You could see in the video and hear some worm larva or something chewing on a leaf (If that helps).
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    Do all Crossfeed implementations entail a percieved drop in dB?

    Tried RME, tried Jriver, and on phone apps. All of which sound like the volume drops a bit. Is this inherent to how crossfeed functions, or is it just some that work this way? (Sorry, I haven't the faintest of clues on how this magic is even achieved, aside from on my phone there is a frequency...
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    German Artillery Silencer

    And a link that talks about how much silencing this is capable of.
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    How do companies decide what sort of power supply ~topography?~ to use?

    I don't know jack about this, but I always see people complaining about: "oh linear" "oh switching" "oh DC-DC" "oh AC" "oh external" "oh internal" "oh 5v" "oh 12v" "oh even higher volt" "oh it's a massive wall wart" "oh it's USB powered and small" "oh can't be used in the US" and all sorts of...
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    I can hear 2.4Ghz WiFi with IEM's?

    Anytime there is traffic while on my computer i.e. opening a new website, or downloading/uploading something, I can hear some sort of static sound from my IEMs. RME DAC hooked up to the PC but only with Toslink. If I pull the Toslink connection out, I can't hear it. Don't understand how that's...
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    When we EQ, how do we know it even works as dialed in?

    Like when we bump up 6db at 2kHz for example. How do we know every headphone we use is going to apply that much boost eventually if we measure the final signal with a mic for example? I would imagine one headphone would do perhaps a 7db boost, and another 5db boost instead, seeing as how...
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    Playstation 5 and the venture into more serious audio for the next-gen.

    Timestamped (just press play). Lead architect behind the upcoming PS5 talks about the return to more serious audio (since the PS3, which in it's first iterations functioned even as an SACD player, and with hacked firmware, now functions as one of the best SACD rippers). Maybe everyone here would...
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    Chord Hugo M Scaler - Stereophile Review (measurements also)

    Review Measurements One thing I found funny, is this seems to be entry-level device, or the sort of annoying nonsense car companies do these days, where they leave blank-buttons with no function in the cars' dash controls, unless you pony-up for all the options. For $5,000 and for a device...
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    What Makes Cinema Lenses So Special?

    Don't see too many informative videos like this out in the wild about high-end stuff in photography. Really well explained with samples littered throughout the video.
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    AI powered solutions

    Video about prototyping acoustic filters. I like this channel as it keeps up with a few things in the field of AI research. What do you guys think? (I'll link a few of them)
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    Bluetooth prepares LC3 Audio Codec for compatibility with it's LE(Low Energy) platform. Lots of people all over the forumsphere thought Bluetooth 5 with it's emphasis on BT LE would also bring such benefits to wireless audio devices. BT LowEnergy existed...
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    A Darker Side of High Academia

    A few PhD's speak about their experience with the disturbing practice of animal testing in the modern day. Even with a staggeringly poor track record: drugs that passed animal test trials, ~95% of which then went on to fail to make it to market anyway. Coincidentally enough, I ran across this...
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