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  1. cheapmessiah

    Hifiman releases EF400 AiO DAC-Amp

    Was browsing the hifiman site and saw this AiO, looks kind of nice and the specs arent half bad for the price: -R2R himalaya dac. -4.4w per channel max power, no impedance specified, full balanced. -High current amplifier module (HE6se, HE6 and Susvara capable maybe?). -Weight: 3kg (chasis...
  2. cheapmessiah

    D10 Balanced popping and other issues

    Just got a D10b for BF, cable arrived yesterday and i've been testing the dac but 2 things are driving me nuts, first the popping thats audible through the headphones every time audio signal is engaged or disengaged on windows 10, my previous much cheaper DAC (fx audio dac x6) did not have this...
  3. cheapmessiah

    Power ratings not on RMS watts

    I'm relatively new to this hobby, I play, or played, bass more or less with proper equipement but my last amp I bought was 10 years ago, and somehow I "forgot" about looking for RMS power ratings when looking for amps in headphones, which is the industry standard for musical instruments, or at...
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