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  1. DownUnderGazza

    DIY Surround Pre-Pro: Apple Logic Pro + Dolby Atmos

    TL, DR; What if we could configure Apple’s Logic Pro to be your Surround Preamp-Processor (including up/down mixing); Control input selection and output levels via Focusrite’s Rednet R1 controller; and Send the input/output channels wherever you need via Dante? PREAMBLE We all are very aware...
  2. DownUnderGazza

    Thoughts on Acoustic Treatment please

    I'm moving into a new rental home and would appreciate some thoughts on how best to acoustically treat this room. Attached are photos of the previous tenants setup, but I suspect I'll end up doing much the same. I'll be using MiniDSP Dirac 2x2 pre-amp to process things. My initial thoughts...
  3. DownUnderGazza

    Thought: I wonder how actual Cinema surround decoders measure?

    With the uniformly abysmal measurements we're seeing for AVR and AV Pre/pros, it got me thinking... -- I wonder how actual Cinema surround decoders measure? -- Is the experience we get in a Cinema measurably better then we're being served up at home? Forgive me if professional decoders have...
  4. DownUnderGazza

    XLR to RJ45 adaptors?

    Hi there, Has anyone carried out any measurements of this sort of adaptor (or similar): TecNec DMX-3XF-CAT5 or CPoint XLRJ45-3M
  5. DownUnderGazza

    An evolving journey - DIY Surround on a Mac

    Hi all, Blumlein 88 (@Blumlein 88 ) recently posted this: "If we could do software Dolby and DTS decoding in say VLC, we wouldn't need this overpriced under-performing gear. Decode into a digital stream and shoot it to an 8 channel pro interface and onto amps. Great performance for relatively...
  6. DownUnderGazza

    Focusing on what we do best...

    Hi all, ASR has become a regular Must-Visit web site for me. I highly value the regular testing and discussion that goes on around science-oriented audio and the furthering of the human enjoyment of music! Not everyone can do the testing / write-ups that AMIRM and others here undertake and...
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